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CharlieB.Barkin 05-09-2014 05:42 PM

Why don't dogs bury their feces anymore?
I've noticed that over the past 15 years or so male dogs don't seem to raise one of their legs when they urinate and dogs in general don't seem to kick their legs to bury their feces after they're done. Is this just me or have dogs stopped doing this?

HarleyTheGSD 05-09-2014 05:48 PM

Both of my males raise their leg to urinate. And the female does kick the dirt onto her feces and urine.

ZoeD1217 05-09-2014 05:49 PM

My female likes to kick dirt when she's done. She's not exactly covering it just giving it a little dusting.

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Castlemaid 05-09-2014 05:51 PM

Must be just you. :) Out of the three males and one female dogs I have/have had, ALL four would lift their leg to mark territory (yes, even Keeta!). The kicking their legs back is not that they are trying to bury their poop, but that they are trying to spread their work out over a larger area to claim their superiority over other dogs.

Maybe you just happen to be around more submissive dogs, or younger immature dogs, because leg lifting and odor spreading is still very much a behavior found in the domestic dog.

Jelpy 05-09-2014 07:06 PM


Originally Posted by CharlieB.Barkin (Post 5497714)
dogs in general don't seem to kick their legs to bury their feces after they're done.

Why should they do that when they can simply flush?


Tattersail 05-09-2014 07:33 PM

Most likely because dogs do not actively seek to cover their feces like cats do. Dogs gather a lot of information through feces, so it would be counter intuitive for them. The scratching that dogs do afterwards is another form of scent marking; they have scent glands on the bottom of their feet which they activate when they're kicking up a dirt storm.

Magwart 05-09-2014 07:42 PM

I recently fostered and then adopted a sociable, young male who kicks dirt over his poo. Or rather, he does some rear foot action kicking back in a way that I suppose could do that, but mostly looks like a victory dance. A few months later, my youngest female started the behavior -- she's 2 years old (not a pup, but still impressionable). It appears to be a socially learned behavior--she never did it until she saw him do it (she likes him, so she's emulating a dog she thinks is "cool").

As for your other observation, the only male I had who only lifted his leg on one side but not the other ended up having HD--we eventually figured out that he avoided lifting on his "bad" side. My other males lift on both sides. If you have one that only lifts on one side, you might want to check the hips with an x-ray, just to be sure they are both okay.

Mikelia 05-09-2014 09:50 PM

Both my boys lift their legs and one boy and both girls 'kick it up' after having a poop. My pittie is the worst, we were on a road trip once and she kicked up big clumps of dirt and grass onto a car windshield, while the owners were standing beside their vehicle. Gotta love dogs lol.

petite 05-09-2014 10:44 PM

My older female kicks up grass with incredible gusto. She's kicked dirty at me while I'm trying to collect the poop in a bag and also ruined someone's nice lawn once.

huntergreen 05-10-2014 12:25 AM

your not around enough dogs!

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