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Oliver'smom 05-05-2014 07:12 PM

Dog First Aid Kit
We are getting ready to take Ollie on his first big camping trip and I was thinking we probably ought to have a First Aid kit for him. For some reason I never thought about this with our first dog, but he was an old soul even when he was young and never strayed too far from my side. He really didn't get into trouble ever.

Ollie on the other hand, is a **** on wheels kind of dog combined with being only a year old. He managed to sit on a cactus on a hike earlier this spring. There were no other cacti around, but he managed to find THE ONE and plop down right on it. Luckily I had a handkerchief in my pack and wrapped it around my hand to pull out the spines.

So what should I put in Ollie's first aid kit? My list so far:

Tick key
Vet Wrap
Bug spray
Small Towel
ear cleaner
Skunk shampoo mix
Extra of all his usuals (leash, poop bags, water bowl, treats)

In addition this trip will be camping on the Oregon coast so if any of you locals have any heads up about things to watch out for, please let me know. I'm already worried Ollie will be the dog that wants to eat star fish and banana slugs.

selzer 05-05-2014 07:23 PM

I'd add activated charcoal
hydrogen peroxide
Vitamin K tablets.
A light muzzle
Telephone numbers of poison control, a good 24 hour clinic in your area
An updated list of any medicines your dog takes, and any medicines/vaccines your dog is allergic to.
Current vaccine history

gsdsar 05-05-2014 07:27 PM

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Betadine, gauze, Benadryl, nail clippers, medical tape.

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Oliver'smom 05-05-2014 07:29 PM

What is the vitamin K for? Also I've used peptobismol for diarrhea/ vomiting in dogs before before, is gas-x the same?

I_LOVE_MY_MIKKO 05-05-2014 07:32 PM


Originally Posted by Oliver'smom (Post 5475850)
What is the vitamin K for? Also I've used peptobismol for diarrhea/ vomiting in dogs before before, is gas-x the same?

No, the gas-x is for bloat. I always keep some in my training bag. Have fun, seems like a great trip!

selzer 05-05-2014 07:36 PM

I have never had a dog bloat, but I have heard that if a dog starts to show signs of gas that you might be able to relieve that by giving them some gas-x. Look into it as I have never needed to use it yet. Probably a good idea to know how much to use. Activated charcoal I think can help with this, it can also neutralize some poisons -- not sure of how to use that though, so again, good to look it up and find out how to administer. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to induce vomiting.

Of course having it on hand when you call your good 24 hour clinic and tell them that your dog got into some rat poison makes it easier for them to tell you what to do.

Vitamin K helps blood clot. If the dog did get into rat poison or eats a poisoned rat, giving them vitamin K and keeping them calm will help the dog not bleed to death. Again, it is something you might have on hand, and your 24 hour clinic can then tell you weather or not to give it to the dog, and when.

Of course, I have the 24 hour clinic's number on speed dial, but having hard copy where you know where it is, means that when you really need it, it isn't stuck in your uncharged or broken phone.

SuperG 05-05-2014 07:39 PM

Charcoal is a good call mentioned by Selzer..

Have no idea about snakes in that area but if they were a concern...maybe something for dog....and human.


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