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SARpup 05-01-2014 04:27 PM

Rescue organization or Craigslist?
Now I don't want to pick a fight and start an argument here but I am wondering what people think about this topic?
Say you go to a rescue organization to get a dog, I think that is a great thing for people to do. You give a dog a second chance at having a fun and loving life.
BUUUUTTT Where do these dogs come from? Most likely they were Craigslist puppies or some such thing.
SOOOOO why would you not just pick up a puppy from CL?
Now I know some rescues have puppys but a lot don't.
If YOU (hoping you are a good person with all the right qualities to keep a shepherd and aren't going to give it up) got the puppy from CL you would have it from the YOUNG age they put them up there on and can train it and raise it in the manner suited to your lifestyle.
If you get a rescue dog, it is most likely older (not always the worst thing!) but it has experiences you do not know about, could be good, most likely bad since it has ended up in a rescue situation.
I am against supporting back yard breeders but you know that someone is going to come along and buy the puppies so they are supported anyway.
Also SOME (not all) rescues charge a ridiculous amount of money for the dogs they have! Granted they may come with shots and a vet check but I would do that as one of the first things on my list anyway in order to be a good dog Mom.
So anyway again, not trying to pick a fight just wanted to see what others think.

Lilie 05-01-2014 04:31 PM

If you feel strongly about a specific thing, you won't support it in any way. It might be easier to go through CL, but you are supporting the BYB. The money you are paying the rescue helps with the costs of the pup/dog you are adopting.

You have to make that decision on your own. There is no gray area.

MaggieRoseLee 05-01-2014 04:34 PM

If you aren't going the route of a responsible breeder, then any pup/dog you get is going to be a crap shoot. So whether shelter/rescue or craigs list... it's all the same (to me). Back yard breeder is almost the worst place (to me) because I'd be giving $$$ to someone who IS (though unintentionally usually) adding to the pet overpopulation problem in the USA and has a good chance of having one of their puppies (or puppies from their puppies) ending up in a shelter/rescue/craigslist.

Advantage of a rescue is the pup is OUT of a shelter environment and usually with someone who knows the breed so can give a better assessment on what they are seeing while the dog was at their home.

Chip18 05-01-2014 04:59 PM

Hmm OK well I am going to take a stake firmly in both camps! :) If your looking for a PB I'd go with a quality breeder or a Rescue. Health issues and temperament are key a GSD with sound temperament can be a challenge a GSD with weak nerves...good luck with that!

On the other hand "I'm" looking for a "hybrid" dog also a ABD/Boxer mix first generation pup. I came close a couple weeks ago BullMastiff/Boxer mixes but they were third generations so they looked mostly like OS Boxers.

I want a first gen ABD/Boxer but that's just me.

Kaimeju 05-01-2014 04:59 PM

I just don't understand why if you wanted a particular kind of puppy at all you wouldn't go to a reputable breeder. Back before Craigslist was a thing, my family purchased a puppy that was advertised in the newspaper. She died of a genetic disease (I know I tell this story a lot, but I think it bears repeating). To me, if I am going to enter into a financial transaction to obtain a product, whether it's a piece of art or a car or a puppy, I want to be smart about that transaction and not just take the easiest, cheapest route available. I also don't think living creatures should be produced carelessly. That's unethical. Purchasing a puppy from CL or a BYB is like saying you don't really care about genetic disease or pet overpopulation.

Rescue is different. The shelter/rescue isn't claiming to be producing anything, they're just vetting the dogs and in some cases providing rehabilitation. I'm sure there's some shady stuff that goes on in the rescue world as well, but for the most part it is not going to be market-driven because they are providing a public service of re-routing unwanted animals to new homes. They are definitely not doing it because it's profitable or fun.

If people *really* just want a random-bred puppy and there are none available at the shelter, you can probably find one free to a good home from a friend or neighbor fairly easily. Unfortunate but true.

sit,stay 05-01-2014 09:36 PM

For me it is a question of who I want to give my money/support to. Do I want it to go to a reputable rescue? Or do I want it to go to an irresponsible/BYB on Craigslist, potentially making it easier for them to decide to breed again?

I don't want to encourage an irresponsible/BYB in any way, and providing them with a market for their puppies is encouraging them (IMO). It doesn't matter if they are offering the puppies free, or if they are charging a huge "rehoming fee". If nobody took/bought a puppy, they might think twice about breeding again.

Cassidy's Mom 05-01-2014 10:03 PM


Originally Posted by SARpup (Post 5458610)
I am against supporting back yard breeders but you know that someone is going to come along and buy the puppies so they are supported anyway.

Yes, but it wouldn't be you. :) I can't control what other people do, and have no right to tell them how to spend their money, but I can control what *I* do, and how I spend my money.

NormanF 05-02-2014 12:23 AM

I bought my GSD through CL. You can find a good deal on a pet but as always, it pays to visit the animal in person to know you're getting the real deal before you buy.

I've no complaints about the breeder I dealt with.

llombardo 05-02-2014 01:28 AM

I got one from CL and one from the shelter and I have no problems with getting another dog from either place. The one on CL was only 12 weeks old and they couldn't handle her, the one at the shelter was under a year and he was an owner surrender due to nipping at kids. Both of them have great drives and temperament. And the nipper has never nipped since I've had him, he adores kids, they both do.

lovemygirl 05-02-2014 09:32 AM

I feel very strongly about this topic... My dear, beloved Evoo was a BYB's bitch (breeding term, she herself was & is a sweetheart and a gem) before she came to me. And my god, did she suffer at the hands of those people.... for 4 to 5 long years until she likely couldn't be bred anymore because she was 47 lb (healthy for her was 70 lb), had mastitis and otitis and EPI and several badly infected teeth...and she was dumped like that at the Miami-Dade shelter (72 hours to be adopted) and almost starved to death before I got her because her "owner" (more like her user) couldn't be bothered to say one sentence to the shelter staff about either her symptoms of EPI if it hadn't been diagnosed, or her need for pancreatic enzymes.

I am STRONGLY opposed to supporting people like that in any way, because of what they did and do to Eva and thousands of dogs just like her.

If BYBs can't sell all their pups, they will drop them at shelters (not great) and probably stop breeding (SUPER great) because if there's no $ in it, there's no motive.

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