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GatorBytes 05-01-2014 10:44 AM

Attacked by at large Pit Bull (hidden under guise of Dogo Argentino)
On Monday (apr. 28), Gator and I were on our afternoon walk heading home when we were charged by noted dog.

Dog had escaped open door and ran a whole block to get us (3 streets in horse shoe), bypassing two other dogs.

Gator is doing well, my old guy held his own as dog tried to roll him. Gator got the better of him...sharper, faster. I tried to grab the dog as I thought he had G by the throat, but G positioned his body putting his length between this dog and me.

The owner arrived, grabbing at dog and his friend quickly drove up (reason dog escaped house), the two tried to secure it as I tried to pull G back, the dogs spun, other dog tangled in my leash, the **** slip chain comes off the dog and he lunges to clamp down on Gators neck, but chomps down on my hand instead.

At this time, I have very little use of my left hand. 7-8 punctures - not deep, but my hand ballooned up. I have had two days of intravenous abx. and started oral. Hospital feels I will need 3-4 more visits of IV abx. Not broken, sure feels like it.

I can't work this weekend - Friday for sure, hopeful for Saturday at least as I haven't needed pain pills since last night (old script of Tylenol w/codeine)

I am so sick of others negligence costing me...

Thewretched 05-01-2014 10:49 AM

I'm so sorry to hear that happen to you, people like that tick me off to no end.

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carmspack 05-01-2014 10:53 AM

GatorBytes , to add to this , Tuesday news coverage of a 14 month old baby seriously mauled by a "pit-bull" .
This was in the GTA (Toronto area) .

GatorBytes 05-01-2014 11:02 AM

No Carmen. But news like that makes me think I best take this a step further.

The "Public Health Inspector" (joke), went out today to issue quarantine of the dog on their premises (rented) - not fenced and left without rabies certification under the promise it would be faxed later when they find. Dog is from Montreal (hence *guise* in my title).

He observed the dog FROM HIS CAR and determined it healthy:mad:

vomlittlehaus 05-01-2014 11:04 AM

So sorry, have been there myself. Hope both of you heal quickly.

Blanketback 05-01-2014 11:09 AM

That's awful! :( I hope your hand feels better soon - what a thing to go through, and all those abx too. Hugs, my friend.

carmspack 05-01-2014 11:14 AM

sorry about that , got one part of the information wrong. It was not in the GTA , the incident happened in Ottawa area . Here is the newspaper coverage

the dog has been euthanized.
Barbara Kay: If you can only love a pit bull, you don?t really love dogs | National Post

Blanketback 05-01-2014 11:19 AM

"The dog had bitten the previous owner’s baby, and Christine saw it on Facebook and she took him in, hoping to re-socialize him,” said Gibson, who said Leclair had a way with dogs, and her mother was a dog trainer. Boss was brought into the home Saturday in an attempt to rehabilitate the animal, and other neighbours said the dog was fine at first, but was at times aggressive with the two other dogs living in the small row unit, one a German Shepherd and the other a medium-sized mixed breed.

That's unbelievable! Why do people do these things?! Yes, people want to save and help dogs - I get that, I feel like this too - but be realistic! This is infuriating.

wolfstraum 05-01-2014 11:31 AM

get a lawyer - even a highprofile ambulance chaser - these guys need to take responsibility for their out and out negligence!

So tired of all the people who will defend these nutcase bred dogs to death..... :( :(


DellaWrangler 05-01-2014 11:33 AM

That is absolutely aweful. I'm sorry it happened to you. Make sure to stay on top of that Rabies certificate -- if they can't produce it, you'll likely have to get a series of pretty painful shots.

(Been there myself, got attacked by a rottweiler back when my old dog was still a pup. The owner didn't stick around to provide any contact info after it happened.)

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