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Zeeva 04-23-2014 04:44 PM

How do you keep your dog(s) and your home clean?
My dogs bring in dirt, leaves, grass (just about anything that catches their fur and paws) and shed dander and fur EVERYWHERE (I can especially see it falling off of them when they shake their body or after I vacuum because I have to empty the vacuum in between sometimes since it gets full).

I've gotten use to it (for the most part). But it does irritate me sometimes. I wish I could have a 'clean' home and 'clean' dogs but these two wishes just seem so impossible. I think the reason it bothers me from time to time is because when I get family or friends over; they just don't understand why I've got dogs when they make such a filthy mess...and it really makes me feel like a disappointment to the fam bam...Was especially thinking about this because I've got family staying over for a couple nights and am irritated by the amount of cleaning I've to do. I can't ditch the family, ya know?

Professional grooming is a great option for the pups and the home, I know. But it gets expensive for us.

How do you keep your dog(s) and your home clean (tips/tricks)?

Are you use to the dirt/mess that the pups cause or does it bother you from time to time?

Do you have family/friends that look at your lifestyle with your dogs and think 'ewwww'? How do you cope with what they think?

Do you consider dogs dirty?

Gretchen 04-23-2014 04:58 PM

First, I am still learning and trying not to be a perfectionist. But I don't want it messy all the time, so this is how I've adapted. I bought a Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner, its fantastic, I also have a carpet cleaner, when I paint I buy the more expensive kind that is easy to clean and won't come off with repeated wipings, and for my sofa I bought two couch covers that are soft and easy to clean in the washing machine. They are from the SureFit company and I buy them in white so I can see the dirt and clean when necessary usually 2x week also my living room is dark so it brightens the room.

As for the relatives, they seldom come over anymore. We've basically told them, the dog lives here not you, this is our pets home, they give us great joy. If I were planning a large event at our place, then of course things would be close to perfect and maybe even the dog put away, but for people randomly stopping by, they come in at their own risk.

Lastly, I forgot to add, when there are large messes/accidents/mud from rain, I don't get angry at my pets I remain calm and change my attitude that this is an opportunity for me to do some more cleaning and make things fresh. This really helped when Molly was a puppy.

Bear L 04-23-2014 05:03 PM

I spend a lot of time cleaning after the dogs daily and it is never enough time... I just keep reminding myself that a dirty home with dogs is better than a clean home without dogs. It does get to me time to time. Like... again! I've to wash this already AGAIN?!

Gretchen 04-23-2014 05:04 PM


Originally Posted by Bear L (Post 5420505)
I spend a lot of time cleaning after the dogs daily and it is never enough time... I just keep reminding myself that a dirty home with dogs is better than a clean home without dogs. It does get to me time to time. Like... again! I've to wash this already AGAIN?!

I love your attitude!

Kaimeju 04-23-2014 05:07 PM

Covers for the furniture, hardwood floors and tile. It's never truly clean but at least it's easy to make it *appear* clean when we have guests!

AngelaA6 04-23-2014 05:25 PM

I vacuum and sweep about 2-3 times a week. Which considering what I've seen on this forum is on the low end. Brushing him once a day or every other day has helped cut down on what gets stuck on the rugs which is nice. We have hardwood and rugs in our main areas that he lays on. Toys aren't spread around willie nillie, I give him one or two at a time and when he's done I put them away.

The water dish area is my only down fall considering he makes a mess every time he drinks it's a pain to constantly wipe up. We have a big rug right in front of our french doors that lead into the backyard so muddy paws get wiped off there. I'm lucky though :) my dad owns his own carpet cleaning business so I never have to worry about that at least haha.

My mom is constantly horrified by the dog fur but I just tell don't come over if it bugs you, I live here not you. My sister has two cats, a rabbit and a russian blue tortoise so she's used to messes from animals. Never have I met such a messy animal before I met her rabbit. He has his own room in the house that is all his and yes he is litter trained but that doesn't mean he poos in there haha. The baseboards and door frames in a couple rooms in her house are all chewed up from when she had two rabbits and they'd chew on them.

I just try for a daily routine where I can wake up do the dishes, straighten the house, vacuum/sweep, do errands and come home and make dinner. It keeps the house from getting overwhelming if I tackle little things every day.

SunCzarina 04-23-2014 05:34 PM

I've always had this breed, the house I grew up in might have been furry sometimes but never dirty. Mom had a system and I just sorta adopted it. The dogs didn't come in the front door. The back door at Mom's house had a concrete porch with indoor outdoor carpet that we'd wash off with a hose a couple times a year.

I have a bluestone patio off my back door. It wasn't there when I bought the house and the dogs tracked in a lot of mud until it was there.

When they're dirty and wet, I'm sorry but go to the basement until they're dry. It's not a dingy basement, the floor has padding and there's carpet. My kids like it just fine too.

Fur is fur. This time of the year, I pick up the tumbleweeds as they blow by collecting more fur as they go. I vacuum once a week. Most of my carpets are black and tan and patterned. Hides the fur.

Mom had royal blue sculpted carpet, had like a gray swirl in it. Which sorta absorbed the fur from black sable dog we had when it was put in. 20 years later it still wasn't worn out but there was fur imbedded in it, no getting that out even with an electrolux. The people who bought the house were thrilled to find hardwood floors in perfect condition under it LOL

misslesleedavis1 04-23-2014 05:58 PM

I put 2 hours of housework in everyday. I have 3 kids to clean up after on top of 3 dogs. My entire basement is dedicated to the dogs, its got carpet and crates lol it get vacd every day and bedding for them gets done weekly. I also sanitize their crates with a little ocd about my house and what conditions my dogs sleep/live in.

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SuperG 04-23-2014 06:02 PM

Ummmmmm.... I got married .......


pineconeforestGSD 04-23-2014 06:04 PM

lol. constant effort.
never ends,but it sure is worth it.

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