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carmspack 04-18-2014 12:51 PM

oh you'll be barking mad !
must see -- you will be barking mad - Canadian investigative journalism on Vets

Barking Mad - Marketplace - CBC News

had the channel on as background while doing paperwork --- it quickly got my attention --

even has Dr Jean Dodds not happy with some vets !

angelas 04-18-2014 01:32 PM

Saw it when it aired. Does not surprise me in the least. At least my vet now understands that I will do my research before making medical decisions. It's so much nicer now than when he first took over the practice and treated me like one of those uneducated sheeple.

Gretchen 04-18-2014 02:00 PM

What a great report, thanks for posting this.

My friend with the Huskies just got talked into buying the Hill's metabolic diet food two days ago!

I'm glad I've been questioning our vet practice this last year. Molly needed to be on Rimadyl, 75mg 2x day. I wanted generic, the problem was generic comes in 50 or 100mg. The vet tech 1st suggestion was to see if I could get the prescription filled at Costco because the rimadyl at the vet was $$$. I said I could get a pill splitter. The tech then went to the ortho vet and he said for Molly's weight she could take a maximum of 150mg at one time and the meds stay in the system for 24 hours. So I ended up getting the cheaper generic 100mg.

When my cat was under anesthesia for teeth cleaning. the vet wanted to remove a lump she's had for a couple years. I told her it doesn't change, but you can give me an estimate for the removal. It was an extra $300, most of the cost for was biopsy, so I chose to save money and declined to have the lump removed.

I did opt for an extra $500 so that Molly could have arthroscopic TPLO and have a minimal incision and glad I did. My neighbor's pitbull had the same surgery without the arthroscopic option and the incision site was huge, more risk for infection.

I agree that the heartworm thing, especially in Canada, a cooler climate year round, seems unnecessary.

angelas 04-18-2014 02:14 PM

In my area of Canada, we don't do heartworm preventive at all. The only time my dogs were on it was the month we went to southern Ontario and Nova Scotia and the two months after. Even then, the vet had to special order it since they don't keep it in stock.

Unfortunately, the reports this year say that heartworm is moving into the area along with deer ticks. We'll see what happens when I eventually get a puppy.

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