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Amurphy26 04-12-2014 04:44 PM

GSD + which other breed?
I have an 18mth old GSD bitch and an 11yr old male dog. She has some reaction issues with other dogs but we're making good progress and I'm hopeful we're heading towards having a happy social dog. She loves dogs as soon as she's realised they don't want to kill her and tries her best to cuddle up with our grumpy old dog and cat. We had another young up until last year but he passed away from a medical condition. They were great together and loved playing together. So we have decided to get another dog next year but I can't decide on a breed and I'm looking for some advice.

We love our GSD and will likely always have one but I feel we would be better with a calmer breed to go a long with our GSD. I've had English Pointers before and I love their energy and calm gentle natures but my husband doesn't like them. My husband really like german short haired pointers but I think they're too mad.
Our criteria is this -

No smaller than a spaniel
Able to go for regular runs and hill walks
Docile, biddable and easily trained.

I know there will be variation within breeds but has anyone any suggestions?

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gsdsar 04-12-2014 06:23 PM

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What do you mean by calmer? I love my Labrador, she is a great match for my GSDs but calm is not really what I would call her.

I also like Visla, GSP( well bred with plenty of excersise), Tollers, and Brittany.

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Amurphy26 04-12-2014 06:37 PM

I suppose I mean laid back. All my pointers have always been high energy when out but really relaxed and easy going in doors. The calm pointer was a great partner to my crazy sheepdog. As long as they're not from working lines they've not been very driven. I really like vizslas and a friend of ours has a gorgeous one but I've been told they can be quite manic? I also like beagles but again my husbands not keen. We thought about a lab but it's like you say, calm + lab? Not so sure.

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John C. 04-12-2014 06:51 PM

Golden Retriever? I know some can be a little hyper, but we had a Golden that was very calm, friendly, loved other dogs and loved people.

Some of the large breeds (like Great Pyrenees and Newfies can also be very calm, although they may not meet your activity criteria Most of the Greyhounds I've met are very sweet and mellow, so that's another possibility. Or you could get a rescue dog. If it's older, you know how its going to turn out and what you're getting.

I suspect there are dozens of breeds that would fit your criteria and ultimately it's up to you to narrow down the choices to those breeds whose size, appearance, etc. appeal to you.

JakodaCD OA 04-12-2014 07:19 PM

well I have an aussie, have had a couple, they compliment my gsd's quite well..however, they aren't to laid back:)

How about cavalier?

Madisonmj97 04-12-2014 07:42 PM

Australian shepherd or a standard poodle

blehmannwa 04-12-2014 11:20 PM

Pit bulls can stand up to a GSD's rough play and are easy to train. They are very eager to please. They do have a possible genetic tendency for dog aggression...much as shepherds like to herd-- but in my experience it is easy to control. When my GSD and Pit are playing and things start to sound sketchy, I just call them and tell them to "play nice."

They sleep together on the couch every night and have epic wrestling matches through the day. The pit is really a cuddler and lazy dog so she is a nice balance for the GSD.

On a practical note, the pit doesn't shed so I only have to deal with Havoc's tumbleweeds.

I do see that you are in Scotland and there may be breed restrictions.

Wetdog 04-12-2014 11:32 PM

How about Collies?

Bear L 04-12-2014 11:38 PM

If you don't mind adopting an adult, there are calmer versions of border collie X australian cattle dog. They have good energy, easy going, fun dogs but not super hyper since they are adults and you can select the calmer ones. I've fostered one and now owns an australian cattle dog who is super sweet and cuddly with me and adores my GSD. A bit lazy at home, lets my female GSD (who sounds like yours - needs to be assured the new dogs won't hurt her) tell him off, but can get really playful with the GSD and go on long hikes and follows the GSD around. The ACDs I've met are all goofy fun dogs.

Amurphy26 04-13-2014 04:03 AM

It was a golden retriever that made us really think carefully about our next breed. We dog sat a young one last year and the affect on our GSD was amazing. He was so calm with other dogs he really helped build her confidence but the shedding really puts me off them and my husband didn't like him at all.

Our dog that passed away last year was a collie. It's too soon for us to get another collie. He had a terrible medical condition and it was a really tough time for us.

Pit bulls are banned in the UK so they're out.

Anyone any experience of beagles?

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