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VTGirlT 04-07-2014 05:31 PM

Bucket List for your dog? And do you have a bucket list?
So I saw this video on an owner who made a bucket list for her dog who was diagnosed with a condition that was untreatable, bone cancer. So she made 22 items on his bucket list and did them within the four month period.

The Video:

Would you make a bucket list for your dog? Have you already done it or something similar for your dog?

I'm sort of thinking why not start now? I know some things you wouldn't do for obvious reasons, in example, giving them foods that aren't good for their bodies long term. But there are many other things.
We never know what will happen to our dogs, unexpected deaths and illness happens. I think it's a good idea to enjoy the present. I would have left out some of the things on the owner's bucket list for her dog in the video and added some other things that were more geared towards my dog, but i still think its a super sweet gesture.. and if anything.. i think it helped her get through having to lose her dog and live in the present with her dog, which is what her dog does anyways-rather than live in the future without her dog, which would be no help to her dog at all.

BTW i do have a bucket list for me, its in my head, so i'm pretty sure im not missing anything, and its pretty short. Sky diving (because im very scared of heights), going to Australia, Europe and a cruise to both Alaska and somewhere like hawaii.. It's kind of an unreachable bucket list, but thats what i would LOVE to do before i die! :) If you have a bucket list, what is on yours? And have you completed any yet?

wyoung2153 04-08-2014 10:43 AM

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I don't have a solid one.. but it's a neat idea to have one for your dog :) I never really thought of that. The BF and I talk about creating one for us.. a Couple's Bucketlist :) Hot air balloon ride is on our list for sure.. great idea.. Do you have one for your dog?

wolfy dog 04-08-2014 11:43 AM

My old dogs have done a lot of fun stuff in their lives and don't need a bucket list. One thing I will do is to take them on a last beach trip. Some of them have had several "last" beach trips. Sigh...I miss my oldies.

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