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erfunhouse 04-06-2014 10:55 AM

Why am I the only one that cares?
So I do NOT allow Kia and Sabo to bark outside. I am ALWAYS out there with them, even if it means taking the lap top and doing my research out there or stopping my favorite show that I'm 10 seasons behind on to supervise them. Granted, I'm mostly out there because I"m still concerned about them having a scuffle (which they more than likely wont, but I'm still nervous about their play style)....back on topic

The neighbors dont give a darn if their dogs bark! The neighbor to the left has a dog that is outside 24/7. Kia seems to HATE this dog so I've put a chicken wire 3 feet out and across the corner to decrease their fence fighting (brick fence that is falling backwards so there's a good 6 inch gap at the top and they can get to each other). I am constantly on her to ignore the dog when he's there and as long as I'm supervising I can stop it either right before it starts or seconds into it. No one else cares. The neighbor doesn't come out. Their dog barks off and on all day driving my two NUTS inside.

The neighbor to the right has three ankle biters that bark a lot too! My dogs dont care about them, more curious as to what the high pitched sound is.

The other night there was a dog that would SCREAM four or five times every hour for HOURS! No one came to stop was that crate training screaming. Drove me NUTS!

No one cares! What the heck? Even when my two are chasing squirrels I stop the barking. Running and jumping is cool, DONT bark. Barking is reserved for when there is danger. It's taking a long time to teach this, but there are other communication methods with them and myself, barking isn't needed unless it's an emergency.

Stosh 04-06-2014 11:26 AM

Stosh is allowed to bark when he's alerting us that someone is coming towards the house. Once he lets us know that, he's told that we'll handle it from here and he doesn't need to keep barking. Period.

Karla 04-06-2014 11:39 AM

I should be your neighbor! I'm the same way with my dogs. I don't leave my dogs out when I'm not home and when they are out and bark I immediately call them in. I can't stand to listen to barking dogs. It's like scratching fingernails on a chalkboard.

There can be a dog barking away quite a distance from me and I don't know how their neighbors tolerate it, when it's loud to me.

Seems like people just don't care. I know a lot of people have the attitude that dogs are dogs and that's what dogs do......bark. Yes, my dogs bark, but they are quickly stopped.

I would hope that you have an ordinance in your county that addresses nuisance dogs. I live in the country and people seem to think anything goes out her. They're wrong. I've taken the ordinance to several people and discussed the barking problem. They get a bit defensive, but I told them that I was nice enough to come talk to them instead of sending the Sheriff. That tends to calm them down.

One of the biggest problems is people who are gone to work all day and leave their dogs outside. Some of those dogs barked all day long!

People have the right to quiet enjoyment of their home. I don't know how people can ignore the barking. I don't allow my dogs to be a nusance, therefore, I don't feel that I should have to listen to anyone else's dogs. Call me the neighborhood bark police. Lol

If I were you, I'd find out the laws and have a discussion with the offenders. Good luck!

pyratemom 04-06-2014 12:07 PM

I am outside the entire time my dog is in the yard. I do not let her continuously bark. "I see it - that's enough." is usually good to stop the barking. However, on two sides people have small high pitched barky dogs that they just let bark as long as they want to. I am inside my house with my air conditioner on and the window and doors closed and I can still hear them barking. Every once in a while my dog has enough and will bark towards the window. I usually just say " I know, I hear it too, enough." People with small dogs either do not realize how offensive that high pitched bark is or they aren't home and the dog is left alone. Either way, now that they opened a 30 dog boarding facility close to my house, I hear dogs barking all the time. It took me along time to get Raina to ignore the noise from there but the houses right across the street and next to my duplex are closer and she doesn't feel quite so comfortable with the squeaky barkers. I've tried talking to the owners - their opinion is "dogs bark so what." I have a feeling if I just let Raina bark as long as she wanted all day long they would have a different opinion of her barking.

Chip18 04-06-2014 12:13 PM

My neighbors on both sides have dogs that bark constantly, those dogs never leave the yard. My three guys were taught to ignore other dogs, those dogs are just part of the background noise to them.

My guys ignore them. I still hate my neighbors and use to call animal control on the one neighbor, finally sent them to court. They still have a couple of dogs that bark every time I'm in the back yard!

I finally gave up on them some people are just A holes and there is nothing you can do about it but you can control "you" dogs. :)

shepherdmom 04-06-2014 12:15 PM

My dogs job is to bark to alert us if something is off so no I don't scream, yell or have fits if my dogs are barking. They are supposed to bark. That is their jobs.

They have a dog door to go in and out and I'm sure they bark plenty when I'm not home. If someone is near enough to be bothered by their barking then they are to dang close.

shepherdmom 04-06-2014 12:33 PM

Of course before I get jumped for being a bad neighbor, I should probably post pictures, see no near neighbors. ;)

Chip18 04-06-2014 12:43 PM

Man I wish my neighbors were that far away! :)

TigervTeMar 04-06-2014 12:47 PM

shepherdmom your dog must LOVE that property

trcy 04-06-2014 06:32 PM

We are very conscientious of our dogs barking. I know one of our neighbors is to. I can hear him quieting his dog down. The other neighbors dogs do not bark all the time, but sometimes they go off for a while. They have them penned on the far side of the yard. It's probably more annoying to that neighbor.

Today I had a 1 year old over and my two smaller dogs just would not stop barking. It only went on for less than 5 minutes and they were crated. I don't allow them to bar at everything that alerts them. Some of those things being, the wind, leaves, need to bark at that stuff.

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