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lovemygirl 04-01-2014 03:21 PM

GSD-proofing yard (potentially)
Hi all,

We are in the process of *hopefully* being approved for a rental house (vs. the rental apartment we have been in for the last several years). The house has a big yard that is fenced in, but it's a privacy fence on three sides and a ~4 ft chain-link on the other.

Anyway, eventually I'd like to have the option to occasionally let her out with minimal supervision (right now all her potty breaks are on-leash walks since we live in an apartment). What has worked well for you all? I was thinking my options would be...

1) Offer to do the manual labor to build a privacy fence all the way around (add value to the rental/re-sale price for the owner + ask for $$ off rent in exchange for labor)

2) Buy & install a dog run, maybe 10x5 and 6 feet high?

Again she will be supervised -- this will just be for occasional use, like if I am running late but want to give her a second chance to potty before I go to work, etc. She's always done well having free run of the apartment so we will let her roam the house (IF we get it) and she'll still get her normal exercise.

Thanks for any input! :)

Chip18 04-01-2014 04:56 PM

Four foot fence would make me very nervous but...if your dog is properly trained, and you avoid dog parks and "I though my dog was friendly encounters" that will greatly mitigate her picking up behaviour issues to begin with more here:

And as long as you "never" allow her to go over the fence with a good bond between your dog and you she should be quite content to stay in her yard. :)

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