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ayoitzrimz 03-25-2014 12:40 PM

Off leash hiking trails near Denver?
Hi everyone,

Recently moved to the area, I wanted to ask if you know of off leash hiking trails near Denver that you would recommend? Not so much dog parks but more actual trails to hike nearby.

I am open to recommendation, and Einstein is excellent off leash (that includes ignoring other people and dogs, and being able to be called off of wildlife even mid-chase - that's coming from experience). We are both responsible with both our dog and his waste so don't hold out on us :)

Thanks in advance!

Bear GSD 03-25-2014 04:29 PM

Hey there, you should come to Boulder. We have tons, and I mean tons of open space trails for you and Einstein to hike at your hearts content.
There are some places in between Boulder and Denver that might be closer, but probably not as spectacular.
Boulder is about a 35 minute drive from Denver, providing you are not driving at peak rush hour times.
Here's a link to their website:

ayoitzrimz 03-25-2014 04:36 PM

Nice, thanks so much for the info this is just what I needed. Any recommended trails in that area?

Bear GSD 03-25-2014 04:44 PM

Up by my area, I like Boulder Valley Ranch, in south Boulder, there's Marshall Mesa. Chautauqua is beautiful, but that part you may have to have dogs on lead for at least part of it.
Be careful in the summer when you hike, we have a good rattlesnake population here.
I hope you and Einstein come and enjoy Boulder, Bear and I do :D

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