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Emdog 03-19-2014 10:10 PM

New Pup or Adult GSD??
Hello all. Hope this is in the correct forum... I have a 6 yo male GSD, Kato, who has mild hip issues. He is mostly fine on daily walks and with normal daily activities but when he spends a couple hours playing with my friends gsd pup he shows some soreness in his hips that evening and also most of the next day. He currently gets msm/gluco'/chondroitin and Vit C supplements. I lost my other GSD last summer at the age of 12.

So, I am currently looking for a second GSD again and was originally thinking of getting an adult female. Now I am thinking I would like to get a puppy. Three of my last five dogs were puppies and the last two were rescues.

Now I am questioning whether the puppy would be too much energy for Kato to deal with and may cause his hip issues to exaggerate. This is why my original thought was to get an adult gsd so there wouldn't be the constant puppy energy in the beginning. I want what is best for my current dog and don't know IF there is a correct answer or not.

If anyone has experience with this, or simply an opinion, I would love to hear from you.


SunCzarina 03-19-2014 10:21 PM

If Kato accepts new dogs readily, an older female would suit him fine. There are so many mature ladies in shelters waiting for a home.

We lost our beloved Morgan in 2012 when Otto was 4. Morgan was a very assertive female, stern taskmaster and 7 years old than Otto. He's hard headed dog but was never given a choice but to accept Morgan as his wicked stepmother from 8 weeks old. I've had shepherd friends come for walks with iron bitches were like Morgan was. Otto has made perfectly clear he does not having that in his life.

So we got a puppy and she's exactly what I asked her breeder for, athletic, brilliant, not afraid to stick up for herself but not looking to challenge Otto. Otto adores her.

Serbrider 03-19-2014 10:58 PM

Depends on your dog, and the personality of the adult/puppy coming in. If you are worried about a possible reinjury, and your older male won't discipline of stand up for himself (not that he should have to, but if they are playing in the yard, a nip from him is faster and more effective than you running to correct overly rough play), then a calm adult would probably be better.

If you feel he won't be pushed over and can assist you in setting those boundaries, and has "his only" places to get away, a puppy might be okay.

My older dog is 9 years old. I also have a 11 week old GSD mix. My older girl has mild arthritis, but otherwise is healthy and "active". She does have her limits, and makes them clear to the pup. She also has several places around the house that she can get to where she can get away, in addition to the time when the pup's in her crate. So it *can* work... But it's very individualized.

Congrats on the new addition though, adult or puppy. :D

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