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Zlata 03-02-2014 10:31 PM

Should I add this GSD to my home? On the fence...
I currently have a 1 year old GSD mix that I've had since he was 7 weeks old. I also have two cats. My GSD mix is very loving and excitable. He loves all dogs and people (sometimes a little too much... he can get a little *too* excited.) I had plans of adding another dog to our mix, but sometime in the future.

Well, long story short, my coworker has a friend who has a 5 year old GSD she is looking to rehome. I went out and met the GSD today. She is a very sweet girl. She comes from German working lines and her sire has some national Schutzhund titles. Her current owner attempted to do some Schutzhund with her, but she confessed that she prefers to do agility with her other Aussies more so she stopped doing Schutzhund. She seems very biddable and eager. Even though she is 5, she still had good energy, but she settled down in the house nicely, too.

Her owner wants to rehome her because there have been fights breaking out between the GSD and her Aussie. Both dogs got along fine for years until the Aussie was attacked by a different GSD. Now, the Aussie instigates fights. Things got even worse when the Aussie gave birth to a litter, and now both dogs have to be separated completely. They built an outdoor run connected to the garage for the GSD. Today was the first time the GSD had been in the house in 4 months. The owner assures me that the GSD does fine with other dogs and plays well with others... just not her Aussie.

The owner fully admits that she likes the Aussie more, and she will choose the Aussie over the GSD. The owner also said she owned GSDs her entire life, but when her last GSD died, nothing could compare. Someone bought her the current GSD as a gift, and she admits that it was unfair of her to compare them, but she never truly bonded with the current dog. The current owner is now "onto Aussies," so to speak. I can't help but to feel bad for this dog. :(

Anyway, I am interested in bringing her home to do a trial run. We also have cats, so it's important to me that the new GSD can get along with cats (current owner has barn cats but not any house cats, so she couldn't comment on that.) If I do decide to do a trial, new GSD will not be left unsupervised with any of my animals. I just want to make that clear.

Is this a bad idea? Should I be running the other way screaming? :crazy: I don't want to jeopardize my current fur family. But I do think that she is a sweet girl, and I think that she would get along well with my current GSD mix under the right circumstances. I've also never had two dogs at once, so if I do decide to bring her home for a trial run, I hope that someone can provide tips and insight. I figure I can't lose anything by doing a trial run, but I don't want to place unnecessary stress on my fur family, of course. Any advice is appreciated.

Charlie W 03-02-2014 10:48 PM

I would say if you want her because you feel bad for her then it's the wrong reason. If you want her because this is the kind of second dog you were hoping to introduce at some point anyway, then go for a trial.

My concerns would be;

1. The safety of your cats.

2. The length of the trial, in my experience there is usually a honeymoon period of a couple of weeks before you see the true colours of the trial dog. Would you get too attached in that time, and would you be able to fairly assess whether it's going to work?

3. The safety of your cats.

Let us know what you decide :)

dogfaeries 03-02-2014 10:58 PM

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Your other dog is a male, so that is a plus.

The cat thing might be problem. I had my two GSD girls and then bought a kitten. I've resigned myself to keeping the cat separate from the shepherds. Sage loses her mind when she sees the cat, and the cat isn't afraid of her. She's a delicate little Siamese kitty, and I just can't trust Sage not to run her down. I love them all, so I'm willing to put up with a little inconvenience to make it work.

Zlata 03-02-2014 11:51 PM

Thanks for the responses! I admit, too, that my current dog's training isn't 100% to where I want it to be. He's still so young, and he is still very much an excitable puppy. I am thinking that I should devote more time to getting him to where I'd like him to be before adding another (granted, very well-behaved and trained) dog to the mix. I also don't want to let my emotions get the best of me! I tend to get attached. :)
Part of me would like to give it a whirl for a week or so. The other part of me is saying, noooo! If only I could get my current dog to be as calm and relaxed as this new dog... LOL

Charlie W 03-03-2014 12:01 AM

I think you just answered your own question!

glowingtoadfly 03-03-2014 09:06 AM

I think you should try it! She sounds amazing.

LaRen616 03-03-2014 09:12 AM

She's probably not getting along with the Aussie because the Aussie is also female. She might do great with your male because he is the opposite sex, being 4 years apart in age will also help.

If she's well behaved she might help calm your male down and teach him how to behave.

If you like her then give it a try, I would! :)

Gwenhwyfair 03-03-2014 09:40 AM

Also, if you decide not to take her have the current owner put her up for adoption here in the rescue subforum. At least she will have an audience of GSD lovers here who may be able to give her a good forever home. :)

Momto2GSDs 03-03-2014 09:56 AM

If you DO decide to take her, make sure you introduce the dogs on neutral territory (but not a dog park) where they can interact for a few hours before taking her to your home. Maybe ask a friend, who has a large fenced in yard that your dog has never been to, if you could borrow it for a while. Keep them on leash and controlled.

Good luck!

sit,stay 03-03-2014 11:32 AM


Originally Posted by Zlata (Post 5124833)
I am thinking that I should devote more time to getting him to where I'd like him to be before adding another (granted, very well-behaved and trained) dog to the mix.

OP, I think your own answer to your question is awesome! This was certainly my thinking as I read your post. Your youngster deserves all your attention and effort at this point. Once he has become the best dog he can be, with your help and guidance, then look for another dog to add to your home.

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