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Thorny 02-27-2014 01:50 PM

Pee marking versus bladder draining
Wasn't sure how to title this thread, but I'm looking for advice. When we are home I let Gunnar in the yard for 5 minutes to an hour a few times a day. He manages his bladder on his own. But when I take him on the road with me (I'm a traveling salesman) I need to let him relieve himself but instead he'd rather pee a bit on every upright thing he can find.

For example, we drove all day, then went to a big park for an evening walk. Gunnar must have peed 50 times in the course of our hour walk. Whatever volume that is.

The next day I walked him around the hotel, commanded "go potty" and he will only sprinkle. I'm sure there is more pee in there but he won't drain his bladder. Can I train him to drain his bladder? If so, how?

Lilie 02-27-2014 02:06 PM

When I travel with my male dog, I put him on a longer lead. I stand in one position and give him 15 minutes (give or take) within that radius to do his business. I don't walk him around and give him the opportunity to leave messages every where.

At the hotel, I repeat the same thing. If I need to give him some exercise, I'll use the short lead and not allow him to become the post man, leaving messages on anything that is standing.

iblishaitan 02-27-2014 03:12 PM

I walk my friends pitbull every chance i can get, cause the poor thing is in the crate at night and then in a small backyard all day, regardless of weather.
I am amazed he has survived this winter.

Anyways when I take him out, ofcourse he pulls on the leash and marks almost every thing, he is too strong for me, so I just try to get him some air and let him stretch his feet, but he pees on 50 things like you said.

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