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Drew Orleans 02-26-2014 01:43 PM

GSDand Apartment life
Why is it that countless people say you should never own a GSD if you live in an apartment (even if it's 3 bedroom), but then the same people will say to be sure to kennel your dog during the day while you're at work?

These people will highly advise against letting your GSD run around a fenced yard all day and want it to be kept inside and safe in a kennel (which I agree with by the way). If the GSD is going to be kept in a kennel during the work day anyway, what difference does it make if the kennel is in the apartment or a house?

Shade 02-26-2014 01:46 PM

It really doesn't matter if your house is 500 square feet or 5,000 square feet. As long as the dog is being fulfilled both mentally and physically then there is no difference and they will be happy :)

blackshep 02-26-2014 01:46 PM

I think a GSD can do just as well in an apartment as in a house, as long as their exercise requirements are being met. Just because you live in a house, doesn't mean you're giving the dog more exercise.

That said, I waited until I'd sold my condo and moved into a house, just because I was worried the GSD would be barking at people in the hall and would disturb neighbours.

iblishaitan 02-26-2014 01:50 PM

I have a GSD puppy I live in a Row home renting 1 room. so the puppy is always with me. I take him out every hour or two, and then a decent walk in the evening. and the crate at night or if I go to class.

He does fine

Eiros 02-26-2014 01:51 PM

I'm not sure about some people, but I think my reasoning would be that in order to exercise and potty the dog, you would need to leave your property, and could not be off leash. The dog might not get the mental and physical exercise it needs if the owner has to leave or travel a distance to exercise the dog.

I definitely think it's doable honestly; it just takes work, extra work, and a lot of people aren't willing to work around the dog that much.

Personally, it's worked out fine in my situation. I'm (temporarily) in a two-story condo and have no trouble exercising and training the dog outside of the house. There is another GSD in the building, though, that is a bored, aggressive, nervy mess, because the owners don't go out of their way to work with her.

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Mocha 02-26-2014 01:55 PM

I live in the smallest , shabbiest (seriously, it should be condemned) apartment ever , with no yard. And we survive just fine :)

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Serbrider 02-26-2014 03:37 PM

Definitely possible... might be harder... but as long as dog is getting the mental and physical stimulation needed... I see no problems with it.

Kahrg4 02-26-2014 03:41 PM

I have a GSD and Siberian Husky that share my 500 sq ft studio apt with me. We walk, train, hit the trails, go to the park, and do lots of fun puzzles. They do great. Although I wouldn't want to be running up and down stairs when trying to potty train.

Athena'sMom 02-26-2014 03:49 PM

I live in a townhouse with a small yard with two gsd and a siberian husky.. They do great!! Training and exercise is key. Utilize the tools in your community such as, nature trails, bike paths, open fields at parks. The most important thing is being an active owner. Get the dog out and spend time with them. They get bored with the same surroundings and want to be mentally stimulated. Mental stimulation with a german shepherd is key!

NormanF 02-26-2014 07:13 PM


Originally Posted by Mocha (Post 5095218)
I live in the smallest , shabbiest (seriously, it should be condemned) apartment ever , with no yard. And we survive just fine :)

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My GSD can squeeze under my bed! I couldn't believe she was even capable of it. A wolf under the bed! :D

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