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GSDKing 02-24-2014 11:10 PM

German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois?
Which one would you prefer and why?

I prefer the German shepherd then the Belgian Malinois, GSD is ranked 3rd most smartest. GSD has an off switch, Mal doesn't, I wouldn't want to be around a hyper dog all the time. The problem is that they just are not big enough to be a serious threat to a man, if he is big. They cannot bring a lot of men down. You see them bringing these decoys down on video, but a lot of them are letting the dog win for show. When you let them look good, they can look great.

The Mal is light, and the GSD is heavier, I've heard of a someone that picked up a Mal and throw him off a bridge, there's an article on that. For KNPV, most of the malinois are mixed with GSD. This is why so many of them have no papers (?). If they were not mixed, they just would not have enough size and weight. When a man is really formidable, and drunk or on drugs (and not feeling any pain), it's a tall order to really incapacitate him. I just think you need the advantage of size and mass, within reason.

You also benefit from having a dog who is not in it for the chase and catch, but who will enjoy fighting a man. That rules a lot of dogs out as individuals. I also think Mal's are not that big of a dog. I saw some videos from them and yes when they get a head start and get speed they can hit you with a lot of force, but I know German shepherd is bigger and more stronger and can take a pretty big person down. From talking to different people in different departments I think budget is a factor and also ego. Yes mals are fast and they look good on a suit, but throw that toy over a cliff..... GSD's are thinkers, Mals just do it and think later.

As police k-9s go, it has its benfits, You want the wrong people to feel more afraid, and I don't find the Mal very intimidating. Actually, I don't see mali's as being more popular with police Dept's over GSD's yet.

I also don't see mali's as a fad, they are good working dogs that haven't been ruined by over breeding and conformation shows. Perhaps I hope that won't happen to the mali's like the GSD's and labs.

GatorDog 02-24-2014 11:19 PM

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I have both and love them both for entirely different reasons. But I will say that there is an even split in size in both GSD's and Malinois, so size alone isn't a good enough reason to switch one way or the other for me.

boomer11 02-24-2014 11:29 PM

a mal on average may be smaller than a gsd but on average they are also more intense and an intensity of a bite makes a big difference. you clearly own a gsd and havent been around any mals. your bias is obvious. all you talk about are "videos" of mals you've seen.

mycobraracr 02-24-2014 11:36 PM

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I prefer a GSD. For me, I find it easier to get a solid GSD than it is to get a solid mal. The majority of mals I have worked have had some type of nerve issue (mostly environmental). The mals I have seen that do have the temperment/drives I like have had a problem with re-directing. I have contemplated getting a mal, but I just don't think they are the right breed for my household. I should also add, that size has nothing to do with it. I actually prefer smaller GSD's. Intimidating? Well, I have yet to find someone willing to cross my 50 pound female, and that includes decoys.

Merciel 02-24-2014 11:56 PM

I like them both. A good GSD is a great dog and a good Mal is a great dog. I vacillate constantly about which one I ultimately want to get as my next puppy.

Overall I prefer the personality of a good GSD because I am not a fan of dogs that get frantic when frustrated or confused, and I see a lot of Belgians who tend toward frantic behavior, which I personally find annoying. There are clear-headed ones too, though, and boy do I love those. <3

I see way more bad GSDs than I do bad Mals, just because they are a much more common breed and many many more BYB GSDs wind up in the rescue/shelter system than Mals. I've only seen one purebred Mal come through the shelter system that I pull from (and, unfortunately, I think that dog was adopted by a person with all the wrong motivations before we had a chance to pull her).

Muskeg 02-25-2014 03:46 AM

There are so many generalization here... where to start?

My malinois' father is 88 lbs working weight- that is not a small dog. My malinois is clear-headed and a thinker. She also has an off switch. Read Ivan Balabanov's Ot Vitosha kennel description of his malinois. That is how I think a malinois should be... but you can get the frantic-hyper type if you choose certain lines.

David Winners 02-25-2014 04:42 AM

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Lots of generalizations here. Almost too many to tackle. Not all Mals are the same by a long shot. Find a breeder you trust, meet the parents, and hopefully get the dog you want.

Here's Bruno. 88 pounds of fury.

Here is some more reading on the topic if you are interested.

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Convince me I don't want a Mal

David Winners 02-25-2014 04:42 AM

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LOL Muskeg... 88 pounds ;)

volcano 02-25-2014 05:09 AM

Im worried about my girls hips and elbows, just because shes a gsd. Shes an athlete, so I should probably get some prelims just to not beat them up to hard if they are gonna go bad. With a mal that would be less of a concern. Theres a couple questionable spots in her pedigree, mom has no elbow rating, and grandpa on her side supposedly had an injury preventing ofa ratings and titles.

NancyJ 02-25-2014 05:27 AM

I have met some nice mals with an off switch and some GSDs without. I know mals tend smaller but have seen some good sized ones. I gather, by and large, GSDs are probably more interactive and tolerant of stupid handler mistakes than Mals but that is what I have been told, not my experience. ... I would consider a mal for my next working dog; I just know the folks who a breeding the GSDs that I want.

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