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JackandMattie 01-24-2014 08:43 PM

Package stores.
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So, my local Lowe's doesn't allow dogs, but I have company coming so made a run up to the local package store. Jack Had to ride along, so on a whim I asked whether he could come inside with me next time. Checkout girl pulled a treat out from under the register and said absolutely! We love dogs!! They only sell chips. All dogs are welcome :) Jack will be thrilled. He loves to "go shopping" ;)

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HarleyTheGSD 01-24-2014 09:27 PM

Sounds like a lot of fun!

volcano 01-25-2014 03:32 AM

You bring your dog in a liquor store? Thats what google told me a package store is. Id be worried about bottles knocked over.

MichaelE 01-25-2014 09:39 AM

I take Lisl in to my package store too. I just get beer so we stay out of the isle with all of the bottles.

They have treats for her too.

So does the pharmacy, both banks I do business with, the small music store, the Dairy Queen (well, I buy her treats at that place), City Hall, and the trash company.

She is welcome in all of these establishments.

KZoppa 01-26-2014 12:44 AM

Sad! The Lowe's here allows dogs but I don't know about the ones back home unfortunately and the dogs like going. Least you have a place they are welcome though!

robeangyalchen 01-26-2014 04:37 AM

Well, we don't have rules abour pets in stores/restaurant here, so if your dog is behaved and is a GSD or police dog/hunting dog for others :) the you can take him anywhere you please. Except for the ZOO :D I take my Tyson anywhere i go, public bus, restaurant, never taken him to bank though.
A GSD here gets a pass to anywhere, other dogs not so much :D:D

doggiedad 01-26-2014 04:51 AM

it's so much fun being out and about with the dogs.
i don't allow people to treat my dog because i'm
don't know where the treat is made. if i have treats
with me i'll give them one to give to him.

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