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LunarPanda 01-11-2014 07:16 PM

GSD mix puppy?
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Maybe this isn't the right forum to post this in but I figured you guys would know, is my puppy a shepherd mix? When I got him I was told he was a GSD mix; the mother being a shepherd mix and the father, supposedly, a dark GSD. However, I've had many people tell me he looks like a chow puppy, especially when he was younger. My boy is now 8 weeks old and 7.8lbs but still on the skinny side. Here's a couple pictures of him and a picture of his mother, it's the only one I have of her.

doggiedad 01-11-2014 07:21 PM

he looks Chow-ish to me and the mother is Shepherd-ish.
train and socialize him and you'll have a nice dog.

SummerGSDLover 01-11-2014 09:29 PM

GSD pups don't have that tail that curves over the back. It's supposed to hang like a saber. Id also say chow. Mom doesn't look like a GSD mix to me at all but that's just my opinion.


huntergreen 01-11-2014 11:12 PM

looks like allot of chow, can't really say what else is in the mix.

LunarPanda 01-12-2014 02:19 PM

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Thanks for the help guys. Ya the curly tail throws us off. He and his brother were the only ones with the black and tan markings. The rest were all girls. There were some black and some black with tan under.

LunarPanda 01-12-2014 02:24 PM

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In those pictures the puppies are about 5 weeks old. And before anyone gets mad at me; I didn't realize that at the time, I just though they were small because they were mixed. But once I knew I tried to give him back but the breeder wouldn't let me.

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