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Jd414 01-02-2014 11:04 AM

Silly sleepers
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Came out to the kitchen last night for a drink and checked on Bella in her crate. This is what I found (snoring and all) lol

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Wetdog 01-03-2014 11:10 PM

I see a teddy on her right---is that a cat on her left?

Jd414 01-04-2014 05:42 PM

No cat just a teddy bear

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Lucky Dog 01-04-2014 08:06 PM

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I call that a relaxed dog !!! Ours still does that.

huntergreen 01-04-2014 11:45 PM

looks like a happy content pup.

Dainerra 01-05-2014 12:13 AM

and of course he snores too lol

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