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Help! Did I make a mistake?

I have a 19 month male GSD. My husband surprised me with an 8 week old Golden Doodle for christmas. I'm of the mindset that my GSD will now have companionship while i'm work etc. But have been reading that it's a mistake to have 2 puppies at the same time. They are trying to play together and the Doodle loves to sleep on the GSD and my GSD doesn't mind it. Is this new puppy a mistake? I'm scared now after reading some of the 2 puppy blogs. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, info etc.
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My experience: a Christmas surprise is never a good idea. I'd not really want two young dogs raised together again.
I hope the husband did some research and supported a good breeder, but not (m)any responsible breeders allow puppy's to be a surprise.
My husband surprised us 7 yrs ago with Onyx and had I had my way, we never would have gone with such a breeder as the one he bought her from. I was backed into a corner, because he worked so hard to surprise us and there was no way I could refuse the pup. It would have caused a whole lot of dissappointment.
I adopted a 21 month old rescue GSD when Onyx was 5 months(another mistake, but mine this time) and after Onyx was 6 months she became very reactive. Had I had only her to deal with and not the other dog or my senior Clover, I may have managed her issues better.
In hindsight, I don't regret anything, and learned so much from Onyx because of her temperament. But I'd never again have two young dogs, and especially not one from a breeder that went along with a Christmas surprise. Even though Onyx was a cute puppy and irresistable!

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If you have the time for are good. We have two, but from the same litter. They seem to get in trouble together more than when they are alone...:-)
But our dogs seem to do great as long as they are worked, trained and have their energy burned out!
I would not leave them alone together until you know how things will go when toys and other possessions are brought into the mix. Crate them so you know they both will be safe when you come home from work.
But for us it has worked fine....we walk them separately, play separately and train each alone so they were able to develop their individual personalities.
But they do great when we do take them out together and love playing and sleeping together. We do not leave them alone roaming when we leave, our female gets super rough and miles is not very forceful with her....he has been cut on the neck by her teeth...and that was just playtime. He did not need stitches...but if she got to rough while we were away she might actually hurt him.

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I will also make the point that I am a stay at home mom, after I drop my girls to school I have the entire day to play, train, and work our pups separately....we also got our dogs from an great source and amazing lines. They did not want to do two dogs, we had to really push for that, one dog for each daughter to run with (track and field/ cross country training)....when we explained we needed two protection dogs...after explained we would be training both with very knowledgable trainers...and the way we would be doing things they agreed to let us buy two pups. It is a lot of work...and energy but totally doable if you have the time, energy and patience.

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I't much harder, not impossible. And if you have read all the information about the pitfalls of 2 pups you can work thru them.

Have to say, if you aren't in dog classes for the GSD though I would sign up for them ASAP. Will assure (force? ) you to spend the one on one time it will need AWAY from the puppy and get his manners/socialization progressing well. That way when the younger puppy is doing the normal 100% time sucking of your day you KNOW you have the class/homework time away from the pup.


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The only one who can decide if this was a good idea is you.
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I think most of the threads are referring to getting two pups very close in age to eachother (like mcdanfam). You will need to make the commitment to make sure they get time away from each other. The 8wk old can become too dependent on the older dog and not learn on its own how to deal with situations. On the other hand, the older dog can help immensely with potty training (monkey see, monkey do). If your older dog doesnt have any anxiety issues, aggression issues and the like, then it can help bring the pup along. Just make sure they are getting their own time and not always together.

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No not always a mistake I had 2 pups that was only 8 month apart they became best friends and was inseparable I think depends on nature plus I tended make sure was male female mix yes you go through teething stage not much apart but you also get rid that side at same time too I was lucky I has no issues if anything they literally was best buddies and wasn't same breed either one was gsd and other was greyhound but so protective of each other they would have given en there lives if it meant saving g the other one there bond was incredible

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It's a long story, but when I moved down to Florida I brought 3 adult GSDs with me knowing a friend of mine was going to give me a GSD puppy when I arrived. Well, I got Ringer, the puppy, I also ended up with Ringer's father, JR, and his litter sister, Honey, all within a couple weeks of arriving here. So I had two puppies to raise. Six months later a friend came down and brought me Kelly, a WGSD puppy as a house warming gift.

So I ended up with 7 dogs within a six month period, three of which were puppies.

I don't recommend getting this many puppies, but once you have them, it's not the worst scenario you can go thru. I got everyone housebroken in a reasonable time. The two older puppies had completed their first group of puppy lessons when I got Kelly, so training them wasn't that bad ... I just went to two or three different classes.

Two things were problematic ... and it wasn't raising three puppies together ... it was when they were seniors that I encountered the mega problems. First there were the huge vet bills from the three seniors who were so close in age. And the worst part, the hardest part, was losing all three within a nine month period. First Ringer died in May, a month before his 13th birthday. Then 12-1/2 year old Kelly died that July. Honey died 4 months short of her 14th birthday. It's so hard losing a much loved dog, it's absolutely heartbreaking losing three of them in such a short time span.

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Thanks for the responses! I must add that I had been telling my husband i thought our GSD needed a sister and that it should be a golden doodle, (a friend has one and I fell in love when I met it). I just didn't know he was actually "onboard" with a 2nd dog and getting her for christmas delivery, hence the "surprise". The GSD stays in the backyard while we're at work and the doodle will be crated until old and big enough to share the (big) backyard. They both are in the house with us/or with us outside when we're home. We have been (trying) feeding them separately, playing with them separately and together under close supervision. The GSD is a little jealous but I'm making sure to give him extra attention and he's playing far…with the doodle. (My GSD is very social and participates in socials 2 -3 x a week). I've never had two dogs at once and just want to make sure I get it right, especially with routine, dominance, training, etc.

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