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Saltshaker 12-04-2013 11:24 PM

How Long Before You Got Another?
Im new here and if this is the wrong place for this thread then to the mods, please move this where it should be. Anyways, I lost my Missy last week (see my post "In Loving Memory of Missy") and of course it has been very hard for me as I'm sure it is for anyone here that loses their loved one. In any case, Missy was my first GSD and ironically two people asked me recently what I would do when she passes. Obviously, I would have no idea and my mom asked me would I get another dog when Missy is gone. Well my quick answer is "No", simply because I know that I never want to go through this loss again. However, a good friend of mine who has owned several shepherds, made an interesting point. You see, I live alone as my friend does. Our dogs are our life, best friends and companions. Now I find that there is this emptiness or a void left unfilled. I'm used to living with my dog, still looking in habit to where she laid in her usual spots. My routine of taking care of her is gone and it hurts not having that around. Obviously I understand that everyone has to deal or cope in their own way and in time but I am curious for those that have lost a lovely GSD, when or how long did you decide to get another one? Also, what was the deciding factor for you, besides the fact that your love the breed of dog?

TotalTurtles 12-04-2013 11:33 PM

My first dog, a black lab named Shadow, passed a month and a half ago. I know how it feels, and I am so sorry for your loss. Although I still miss him very much, I got my GSD named Chief last week. So Id say it was about a month and a week until I got a new one. I got another one because 1: I love animals and 2: I needed to move on from my old dog. Its ok to still think about your old dog, but getting a new one will help you get over him and focus on something new. Anyway, I loved my old dog and my new GSD. I enjoy my GSD and he plays very much! I hope you will love your new pne just as much as your last. :)

bill 12-04-2013 11:34 PM

I lost my boy 28. Years ago.I. had always had a dog.I went two years without a dog ; I was heartbroken. then I got a rott. I didn't want another Shepherd; didn't want to replace my boy. Long story short it's been 28 years; Till now can't believe I waited so long my first love. Working dogs. Bill

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trcy 12-04-2013 11:37 PM

I got another one 4 days after Riley passed due to severe health issues. Riley and I had a very special bond and I did not deal with his passing well or at all. My husband was very concerned about me and getting another puppy was mentioned. I was very taken aback by the thought of that. I had just lost a dog why would I want another one, but I warmed up to the idea. I went to look at puppies and came back with a 3 month old. He did not ease my pain or feeling of loss, but having another puppy helped me function again. He is a great dog and I love him, but the pain of losing Riley is still there's hard to explain, but that was my situation.

Midnight12 12-04-2013 11:45 PM

I lost my last gsd 2 years ago, on Dec 8th. I got a rescue, another gsd, 2 weeks later. My husband, who is disabled and home all the time was so lonely when I was working. We knew we could not replace her, but what better way to honor her, than to give a good home to another dog. I feel bad for your loss and you will know what is right for you.

zyppi 12-04-2013 11:48 PM

You cannot 'replace' a loved dog, but a pup and a new commitment can ease the loss, and, in time will be loved for his/herself.

I couldn't be happy without a dog.

howlk9 12-04-2013 11:49 PM

Welcome to the board. First, let me say how sorry I am for your loss. Many of us here have gone through it and, trite as it may sound, there is no pain or loss that is quite the same as losing your dog. For me, when my first GSD passed away, I had no interest in getting another. A few months passed and I decided, while I did not want another dog, I enjoyed the time with dogs and began volunteering with a local GSD rescue. A month of seeing and meeting all those dogs and I knew I was ready for another one to come into my life full time. So, I guess the short answer is when you're ready, you'll know.
Good luck.

Galathiel 12-05-2013 11:30 AM

I think it depends on the person. I lost a young dog suddenly at 7 months old and waited almost a year before getting another puppy at my husband's suggestion. However, I still wasn't able to let go of the memory of the other dog and it didn't reflect favorably on my new GSD which was very unfair to him. I never did bond as much with that dog and I feel guilty about it still and that was years ago. Varik is my 5th GSD and the first GSD I've had in 11 or 12 years.

MaggieRoseLee 12-05-2013 11:37 AM

Heck, I purposely overlap my dogs so I don't ever have an empty house to come home to. A 5 yr split between their ages (approx) and I don't wait for one to pass before getting another.

Since whether you go for a rescue or a puppy, finding the best dog/responsible breeder can take months (years?) so LOOKING can happen much earlier than you actually will add a new dog to the house.

If you are thinking about the puppy route, make sure you do take the time to research for a responsible breeder. Many breeders are breeding now to have litters ready for spring too... -->

Good luck with whatever you decide!

Traveler's Mom 12-05-2013 12:06 PM

I am so sorry for your loss. I know the heartbreak and hurt.

I waited over 30 years to get another dog. Bro was the first dog I ever had and I loved him for 12 years. I couldn't bring myself to get another dog. Why should I intentionally set myself up for another heartache?

I finally got Traveler 6 years ago. Sounds silly but my reasoning was that there was at least a 50/50 chance he would outlive me.

I'll be 61 next month so recently I've been contemplating the 50/50 argument.:shocked:

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