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Tripping can also kick prey drive in.

Poor dog and poor lady, I hope she's ok.
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Originally Posted by Bear GSD View Post
I feel for the dog, what is going to happen to him?
He is in quarantine right now. My friend pulls dogs from Animal Control and the shelter ,and she may still try to get him. I am not sure if they will allow her to though,even though she dealt with some pretty difficult dogs before and they know that both of us have a good reputation.I was the one who contacted her to see if she had room because I don't want to take on anymore dogs right now with my three fosters.

Originally Posted by JeanKBBMMMAAN View Post
Did that dog have his rabies shot? Are they doing anything about that? So sad.
Based on his condition,I doubt he had anything. Animal Control told me that they have been to this man's house several times due to complaints from neighbors about the dog being chained up all of the time. They couldn't just take him though because he 'looked ok' as far as his body condition was.
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Heart breaking! Fynn was the victim of abuse and, I literally walked into the situation blind. Sometimes it's what you have to do to help an animal in need, just be as safe as you can and, have some knowedge of what you're doing or CALL for help. I initially thought Fynn was only neglected but, it wasn't the case. He managed to get out the door one day when I first took him in and, not knowing if he was a runner instinct kicked in, I bolted after him and, grabbed his collar. Scariest moment of my life.
Though he didn't bite or snap at me he bared his teeth and, I noticed he peed a little from fright. I figured I could let go show my fear and, god knows what will happen or I can show my intention. I loosened my grip a bit but, didn't let go. I didn't change my stance or pull my face away I stayed loose and, said "What are you crazy? Can't go running out the door like a maniac." I didn't say it sweetly I just said it like I was talking to my neighbor. He got the picture that nothing changed just because I was restraining him. He stood up and, didn't move. We were a few feet from the door so I decided screw it, he's not pulling away and, isn't afraid anymore, no one was around and, we weren't near any streets. I let go and, we just stood there. He wagged his tail and, I just said "okay, lets go inside". He followed me right in and, it's never happened again.
He rarely gets in trouble but, he used to get scared if we raised our voices. The first couple times he peed a little and, would just go totally submissive. Now he will come to our feet do the submissive thing but, the fear is gone. It takes time. I can't say Fynn who is a freaking saint wouldn't have done the same thing in that situation. If the leads were that tight around him, it had to be both frightening and, painful. She saw who had caused both of those thing and, reacted.
It sounds like you guys knew what you were doing. It's great to find that your friend is okay and you are both still trying to help this poor pup. Good luck!
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In NYS they would have to PTS and send the head for testing at the state lab to determine rabies status if there was no proof of valid rabies vaccination. If that were outdated or he were titered, he would require 6 months of quarantine. I am hopeful they were able to find a record of him being vaccinated because that is what should happen there as well: S.C. DHEC: Rabies - What Happens to Animal that Bit

If the animal and the owner can be located, DHEC will investigate the incident to determine if the animal will need to be quarantined – kept away from the public and other animals, usually in a veterinary kennel – for 10 days to 6 months.

Some pets, especially those never vaccinated for rabies, and strays or wild animals, will need to be tested for rabies. Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to euthanize the animal so that its brain can be examined for signs of the disease.

Makes it even sadder.

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My friend is home,but it didn't turn out so well for Duke (this was his name). He bit two meter guys a year ago and because of this third incident,they put him down. We didn't know about the bite history of this dog,but my friend who was going to take him is pretty upset at the whole situation. I am more rational,but she is mad at the couple across the street for calling Animal Control and feels that this dog still needed a chance. These people didn't know what the situation was,they just saw that she needed help.
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Oh how sad for that poor dog. I'm glad your friend is going to be ok though. Kudos to both of you for at least trying. I'd love to tie up his owner really tight and leave him there. When are some people going to stop thinking of an animal as a piece of furniture? I had a cat that was an indoor/outdoor cat that lived across the street from me. The woman and her son just moved and left the poor cat there sitting outside waiting to be let in. I went and got it( He was a friendly little guy) and took him to the Humaine Society. I couldn't keep him. My male GSD that I had at the time would have hurt him.I despise people like that.
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I feel for the dog, but there are a ton of GSDs out there that need help. I hope the pound did the job as humanely as possible. The dog did bite two other people, and it really isn't good if you get this dog into a rescue situation, someone trips in its presence and it puts more puncture wounds into someone.

It is terribly sad that the dog was abandoned and left to the charity of a neighbor to feed it. It did not have a chance of a good life because it had a rotten owner. I think that the neighbors could have taken a MYOB approach to the situation, but they did not. And the outcome is probably what should have happened.

You really cannot save them all. Sometimes the most we can do is ensure that the dog does not suffer long term.

I'm sorry. I hope they find the owner and charge him with animal cruelty, which in most places is a felony.

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Agree with selzer.

Not sure how the rabies situation is there, but this was a tied out dog, able to be attacked by anything, not likely vaccinated, who broke skin/had contact with your friend. I would hope the shelter did what was needed to get that poor dog tested.

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That poor dog. What an awful life all caused by useless owners and they could have caused a major tragedy. I hate what happened to your friend but imagine if it was a child.

On the other hand, could a neighbor have helped this dog? We used to have renters next door that owned a shepherd mix. The woman would drag this dog out the back door screaming and tie it out with a very short rope. She was just cruel to it. According to her, the boyfriend loved the dog loved the dog and wouldn't get rid of it and the dog had severe separation anxiety. On top of that, the woman was the one who would discipline the dog. This poor dog got left in 90 heat in a crate and 7 degree snow because they didn't want her to destroy the house while they went parting with friends. I called a couple times but neither the cops nor AC would do anything. The dog would bark for 1/2 hour straight and then stop as soon as the cops showed up. I finally made the choice to start feeding the dog through our fence and pet her. The poor thing was so then. It got to the point that I could give her some attention and food, rub her belly, quiet her down and bring quiet to the neighborhood at 1am. When they moved, they did take the dog. I always have wondered what happened and what kind of life the dog had after. I wondered how often that dog just got love.

We shape our dogs. Big or small, they can bite. We are responsible to make sure they are taught what's right and wrong, just like children. Don't blame the dog, blame the owner. That's just my opinion.
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Agree with Jean re. testing for rabies.l No one wants to, but when a life is at stake I just wouldn't take the chance.
I used to pooh-pooh the danger of actually contracting rabies.... until we found two rabid bats in our fenced yard within 4 years of each other.
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