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Problem with neighbors. What would you do? (non GSD related)

I have pretty good neighbors on both sides of us, we all kinda keep to ourselves and no one ever complains when we're loud, nor do we complain when they are. We all just live peacefully.
BUT...on the one side we have a couple that has 2 dogs - a pit and a weenie. Both fairly well behaved, but neglected. They HAD a nice big fenced in back yard, but they tore the fence down...the dogs are NEVER walked, the ppl are hardly ever home. They put the young girl (about 12 yrs old) in charge of the pit when she gets home from school. If that dog sees our dogs or a squirrel, etc. - she goes for a ride. He drags her over to our fence or wherever and she's screaming and crying and I've had to rescue her more than once. The pit is friendly to ppl, so that's good. He calms right down for me, but he's a powerhouse...too much dog for that little girl. Since the dogs no longer have a yard, they are put on leashes and taken out front to potty. Well the Pit is leashed, the weenie is not. Now that their front yard is full, they use our yard. My front yard is now full of poop. My son can't go play in the snow anymore. They even let it come over to poop while we're out there. They just kinda laugh and yell at the dog to stop. Without going all ape **** on them and causing problems with ppl we have to live next to, how should I approach these issues? That pit is gonna get that girl hurt, and I'm tired of all the dog crap in my front yard.


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The next time you help the daughter out with the dog, pay them a visit that evening when her folks are home. Explain that the daughter has trouble controlling the large dog, and you have had to give her a hand on a number of occasions and while you are happy that their dog is friendly to people, you are afraid that she is not letting you know that she is having trouble managing the dog. If they are using a flex-lead or a long line, on a flat collar, you might suggest a regular leash and possibly a prong collar. I would suggest classes, but classes will not help her manage the dog if it is squirrels, etc. If the dog is in anyway aggressive toward your animals, then bring that up. Tell them to fix their fence.

And, mention that you do not allow your dogs to poop in your front yard, because your child plays there, you would appreciate it if they would show some consideration and not allow their dog to poop in your front yard.

It is crucial to keep neighbors in the positive column, so consider well the way you go about saying what needs to be said. Don't bother with the things that you think they should do, like walking the dog, and going to classes. Mention only those things that affect you (and the minor child). Try to keep it helpful, but definitely something that is a valid concern of yours.

No one should have to put up with other people's dog poo on their lawn.

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I would go ask them politely to stop letting their dogs in your yard. Then if that doesn't work, I would get a shovel and toss the poop right back in their yard. If they don't stop at that point I would call animal control or the board of health.

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I'd ask politely the first time for them to please not let their dogs poop in your yard as you have a child who plays there. The next time they did it, I'd shovel it onto their door step, their car everything. But that's me. If somebody has that little respect for your things, why should you respect theirs?
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I'd have a poop bag handy, and when you see the dog pooping in your yard, whomever is out there, ask if they have a poop bag to pick it up,,if not, say "I've got one for you" )

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I don't know what I would do, but I have to say I do like what one of my friends did when her neighbor's dog(s) were pooping in her yard after several requests to shorten up their chain so it at least wouldn't cross the property line and several baggies of poop left on the door step. Fresh, still steaming pile, flung from shovel onto stucco, where it froze by the time the owners cam home. And there it stayed until the spring thaw (several months).
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tell your neighbors you don't want their dog usuing
your yard as a place to go tothe bathroom. tell them
the little girl can't control the dog because of it's size.
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Honestly, I wouldn't be having someone else's dog crap in my yard where my kids play. Just say it how it is. Better to hurt the neighbors feelings than have your son pick up a parasite from the dog poop. I'm serious! What a bunch of jerks. Afterall, they have zero respect for you. I cannot fathom letting my dog poop in someone's yard and just leaving it!

And as for the little girl, I would try talking with the parents about it. Or just call the cops. I understand that you want to be friendly with your neighbors, but they seem pretty careless, so I wouldn't be too worried whether I'm on their good side or not. Do what you need to do to keep your pets and kid safe. Don't worry about feelings. Worry about the neighbors that pay you some respect


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Reminds me of a sign (grave stone look a like) in my neighbor's yard, decades ago that said:
Here he lies,
Cold and hard
The last d**n dog
That pooped in my yard.
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Some options:
Be prepared to clean up after their dog as soon as it defecates in your yard.
Ask them to clean up after their dog as soon as it defecates in your yard.
Tell them you have a problem with it.
Or maybe get a poop scoop for the front lawn. Leave it out there and ask them to use it.

Start any conversation on this by saying how much you enjoy them, like their dogs, appreciate their daughter's attempts to manage the dog, etc. Go from there. Maybe ask about the fence - why did they take it down? could something be put up?
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