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New Puppy, Peeing On Bed?

Okay basically just looking for info, or tips

I found a GSD on christmas he was coming out of the woods and all muddy, he was in a harness and had bad brusing around his legs where the hardness was on, he was skinny and starving around 4 months old anyway I took him homecleaned him up and fed him, got him looking a lot better and decided to keep him after we took him to see if he was chipped which he wasn't.

The dog didn't respond to any name really well so we named him Bullet and he has been a great dog, he wasn't potty trained and didn't know any tricks like sit, shake, down, but in 2 days of work he was potty trained going outside everytime.

Basically looking for a little info though, he is a great dog, is potty trained but he strays off and pee's in the bed every now and then it's rare but he has done it twice now. I do have Camo blankets not sure if he is mistaking it as a place he can go or if he is doing it out of spite, I've been nothing but good to the dog never hit or threatened him, always praise the good behavior and ignore the bad.

I've got him to perform Come <this one is okay sometimes I have to whistle and get his attention still>, Sit, Down, Shake, Stay, Find It pretty good still working on Stay he wants to follow after the first 2-3 times and still getting him used to Find It he gets sniffing and gets a little off track sometimes but he will get the hang of it.

Any tips on the bed wetting? Why would he do this? Is it because he thought he can hide it and had to go? He's never been in a crate just always had him run out when he was about to go and he got the hint pretty quick, so now he lays by the door. He gets a decent workout inside right now just because it's awful cold when I get home it's cold but I do make sure he gets his time outside but mostly play inside and a lot of play.. so just trying to figure this out..
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Your dog is not housebroken. A housebroken dog will not use your house as a bathroom, and they won't pee in your bed out of spite. Only if the dog is kept inside for a prolonged period or is sick should a housebroken dog EVER relieve himself indoors.

You have to watch them every second and crate them when you can't. I first suspect as a male he's marking his territory, but you have to make him understand that is not acceptable.

If he heads off to the bedroom, you better follow him, fast. It only takes a second at that age to soak a big spot on your bed.

He may be giving you signs that he needs to go out, but you're missing them. Every dog is different and will let you know in their own way.

Some go to the door. Some will come to you and sit and look at you. Lisl will come to me and whine. Ossie would lay his head in my lap and look at me. Anna would go to the door. They're all different.

I wish I had better advise, but I have not housebroken two dogs the same way. Sure the techniques might be close, but the methods have to be adapted to the dog's personality. I can't better put that into words. In many regards, it's a matter of 'feel' when training a dog for housebreaking or anything else with me.

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I am curious as to how hard you tried to find the original owner. Maybe someone lost him and have been looking for awhile and that's why he is skinny. Did you post on craigslist, look at lost and found, post posters around or anything. Someone may not have abandoned him he may have gotten away.

After that if you cant watch the puppy 100% of the time he should be crated or you can put a leash on him around you waste, until he gets used to your house and if you see any sniffing the floor go outside, any circling go outside. You take the puppy out from the crate at night take him outside. Puppies have very small blatters, so they need to be taken out often. Make sure you give tons of praise when they do go potty outside go crazy with praise pet , say good boy, jump around let him know that was the best thing in the world.

R.I.P- Smokey my GSD/Husky. You are my hero, my heart, my soul and you will forever remain in my heart. You were a true companion. I love You and miss You so much. Run like the wind!!

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I should have included that the puppy goes out after waking as was said, but also a few minutes after eating or drinking, and as needed afterwards. About every 45 minutes to an hour. You will develop a feel for how often is neccesary.

Lils will usually go while either playing or on a walk. This is just a side benefit of playing. Sometimes it is easier to make a game of it as long as she's rewarded for going. She still gets mountains of praise no matter where or under what circumstances she goes. Sometimes that's all we do is go outside to go potty and then it's right back inside. This way, she realizes we only went outside for that, and we can play again once inside.

This praise is different too, than other types of praise she gets so she associates going potty outside with this form of praise.

You really have to get inside your dogs head and learn how she thinks and what motivates her/him.

Bear, Anna, Molly, Ossie, and The Countess Lisl von Schlaf

An Unhappy German is a Sour Kraut!
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Sounds like the pup got away while off lead. Please call the vets in your area as well as the dog pounds. My guess is someone's missing this pup. Some pups are very expensive. Could be a child's pet. Chips can wander. Maybe the pup wasn't chipped yet. Is there a tattoo in either ear? I'd be making some heroic efforts to find the owner before claiming this pup.

In the meantime, pups don't do things for spite. The pup isn't housebroken yet. Don't look at the failure as his, it's our mistakes that make for messes indoors. It's much harder to housebreak if you give the pup free roam. You need to have eyes on the pup every second the pup isn't in a crate to have more success in housebreaking.
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imho you need to do more to find the owner . at least check with vets and local shelters to see if anyone is looking. i wouldn't just assume he was abandoned.
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