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Advice re: GSD hybrid from humane society


I'm looking for advice on whether or not it is a good idea to try to fit a part-GSD mix into our house/lifestyle.

The dog we are looking at is from the humane society, and is a 50/50 part-GSD mix (they don't know with what). Here is what we know about her:
  • Right now, she is the perfect size, but she is only 9 months old
  • They say that she has good behavior and gets along well with people and dogs

Here is our current house/dog setup:
  • We have two small, 20-lb female dogs (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)
  • We have a big house, small non-fenced yard
  • We walk the dogs 1/4 mile twice a day (they are well housebroken)
  • We work from 8-6 or so every day. Our current dogs are fine with that -- we keep them in the kitchen, and they truly never get into any trouble (we walk them just before leaving and right when we get home).
  • We generally sit with the dogs all night
  • We'll probably have a child within the next two years

So, I'd love some advice on whether or not we're crazy to try to adopt a part-GSD dog like this. In particular, I'm worried about:
  • Will the new part-GSD dog be OK, eventually, with 10 hours of time alone with the existing dogs (we would ease her into this)
  • Is she likely to eat our current dogs
  • Is two 1/4 mile walks per day, plus occasional dog park runs on the weekend, going to be enough for her?
  • How much bigger is a 9-month old GSD likely to get? See pic below

I really appreciate any help on this! Here is a pic of the lovely lady that we are looking at (the dog, not the human :-)):

[IMG] *** Pic removed by ADMIN due to oversized. *** [/IMG]

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I don't have all your answers...
Shes gorgeous though!
It's a little hard to tell in the picture... she looks like a pure bred long coat GSD to me, about 4 months old. If she is a mix, and 9 months, she probably wouldn't get much bigger..
I had a female GSD that full grown wasn't much over 40 lbs... it happens.
I'm sure others will be more help
If she's good with other dogs, I wouldn't worry that one day she would turn and eat them She could play pretty rough for dogs that small however. I would be afraid mine would injure a small dog the way they hearty "pounce" could do alot of damage
She will require a great deal more exercise and stimulation than a toy breed...

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If you had to ask if she'd eat your current dogs.. then I don't think she is for you.
GSDs tend to be rowdy players, she'll probably sound or look like shes going to eat them but its most likely her play style.. but if you're already on edge about it then it wouldn't be fun.

Your house will have 3 females in it ? Well.. I'd advise against that.. but I dont know the dogs, either.

& do you really take your dogs for 5 minute walks ? it takes ~20 minutes to walk a mile, so 1/4 = 5 minutes?

for a gsd PUPPY she'll need atleast an hour of walking.. tbh if you guys are working 10 hours a day each I would advise against it. adopting an older dog (3+ years) would be better as they won't be as demanding with training / exercise.

my gsd was about 50 - 60lb at 9 months old, still filling out in the 90lb range at almost 3 years.
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well i sure don't like to discourage anyone from adopting but...i don't know if there's any way to know the answers to your questions. and i know others do it, and do it successfully and with happy dogs, but if you're gone working all day long i'd be reluctant to take on another dog, especially a shepherd, the smaller dogs are easier in that situation. jmho.

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Are you allowed to bring your dogs to meet this dog before hand? GSD's do play rough and require exercise, BUT this dog is a mixed breed and depending on what she's mixed with can change things...and change them alot. Some dogs require more mental then physical exercise and vice versa. Will you have a crate for her? Are you able to come home in the middle of the day to let her out? I seen a dog that looks like her yesterday, very pretty dog. She was a GSD/and ??...she was a rather calm dog, very happy. You also have the issue of 3 females, lots of people wouldn't even do 2 females, it all depends on their temperaments. Good Luck.

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Agreed with everyones posts above. GSD's are full of energy, like to play rough and loud and sound scarey. The dog you are looking at is going to need MUCH MORE exercise then a 1/4 mile walk 2x a day. GSD's are very active, energetic, and alot of times high energy dogs who need a TON of exercise throughout the day. As far as 3 females in the house it depends on your current 2 females and the female you are looking at. Our house has 2 females and all of our family and friends have only females except 2 friends who have 1 of each gender. That being said OUR male is not happy with other males yet all of the dogs together when we have play dates consist of 8 females at once who all love eachother and its our male who does the grumbling with the 3 other males that come to visit. It just depends on the females personalities.

From your picture its hard to tell if she is a mix or a PB alot of "shelters/rescues" post all dogs as mixes as to find them homes faster then PB's and since the fact they can't tell 100% if it is a PB or not just by looking..only way to tell PB is if the paperwork of a breeding came with the dog. She may get up to about 80lbs or she may stay small around 50/60lbs. You won't know until shes around 1.5-2 yrs of age when they stop growing and just gain bulk.

Ask the place if you can bring your current two dogs for a playdate on at least 2 different occassions. Good luck.

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I would take your dogs to meet her and go from there. The HS could be wrong about the breed. The dog in the picture looks just like my rescue dog and he is probably no GSD at all (if any it would be 1/4 or less, his mother was a mix and she was zero GSD). So I have a dog that looks like the dog in your picture and he is the laziest, most relaxed, low drive dog ever and would be a perfect fit for your household. I don't think anyone here can answer your questions because we first have to assume that the dog in question is a GSD and acts like a GSD and then we have to make assumptions about how it would interact with your dogs. Even if she is 50% or more GSD she might be really lazy and relaxed or might be crazy hyper. I have a purebred GSD with good drives (he does Schutzhund, agility, flyball, etc) and he is perfectly fine at home for 10 hours and does not *require* daily exercise. He's well behaved and calm in the house as I personally believe a GSD should be. I do not like hectic, hyper energy. I like a dog that works when it's time to works and is calm in the house.
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I agree with all the other comments, and just want to stress ... at 9 months ... that dog is going to DEMAND exercise, and will need it ... 1/4 mile is nothing for a GSD (even half a GSD). Ky gets 2 full hours EVERY night for an off leash hike ... and she's still NOT exhausted. Just a heads up!

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I have just one GSD she is 7 months and she is a handful. She plays rough with small dogs, we also have a cat and its a lot of work to train them and separate them on daily bases, I don't work and that's the only time I was ok with getting a GSD because I knew how much work they would be. Research the breed their temperament. You leave for half the day and dogs are unattended?!! That's are gonna need a crate that will run you around $150, you are gonna need training which will cost you like $500+ just to start. Not to mention the expessive dog food you are need to buy, and of course the vet bills, GSD are not the healthiest breed you can have espcially if you know nothing about her background. You are gonna have to vacuum and when you are done with vacuuming you are gonna vacuum some more... It never stops that is if you like cleanliness.. This breed needs a lot of attention, she will be glued to you first few months at minimum. Is your job behind a desk or is it physical labor? Are ready financially and physically? If you dont exercise the dog your house will be destroyed and then some you will not get peace in the house with such high energy dog exercise is MUST. And you are planning to have a child? Your GSD will be your child. In the end they are the most amazing dogs in the world if you have what it takes and the right environment. Btw she looks like purebred long cost GSD as someone already mentioned.

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If you can foster her maybe to see how she'll be around your dogs, that would be the best idea. Not just a visit. I have a 4.5 month shepherd and a 3.5 year old chihuahua, he isn't super friendly because she is a puppy and in your face, but she is nothing but loving towards him... If they'll allow you to foster her that would be a great idea, rather than let your dogs meet her for a short amount of time. That's just my thoughts, I'm new to German Shepherds.
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