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Anitsisqua 12-02-2012 09:10 PM

Taking Care of a Wolf (Non-GSD)
So one of my coworkers contacted my today. She and her husband make regular trips to a flea market a few hours from here, but this time, they bought more than just antique end tables.

This time, they came home with a "wolf cub". Now, I say it this way because I expect someone selling animals in a flea market is less than reputable.

She called because she knows I've researched nutrition and training for my puppy and she needs help with their "new addition".

Now, this is a young couple (22 and 25) with a yorkie and a 15-ish pound terrier mix. They're currently trying to have a baby. They also rent their home.

Also, this "wolf cub" is apparently 6 weeks old and blind. The person who sold it to them said it should be about 150lbs at maturity.

Anyone have any previous experience/knowledge about wolf rearing? I'm doing other research, but I could use all the knowledge I can get. I know this was not the best decision they could have made, but they have him now...

Jax08 12-02-2012 09:17 PM


PM Mosul210. He does have two wolf hybrids. Is it even legal to sell wolf hybrids in Texas? It's not in many states.

Anitsisqua 12-02-2012 09:18 PM


Originally Posted by Jax08 (Post 2645372)

PM Mosul210. He does have two wolf hybrids. Is it even legal to sell wolf hybrids in Texas? It's not in many states.

A quick google search brought up three supposed wolf breeders in Texas, so...probably?

Anitsisqua 12-02-2012 09:40 PM

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Here's a picture of the little guy.

Jax08 12-02-2012 09:42 PM

Was there any documentation with the puppy? Definitely contact Mosul210.

glinny 12-02-2012 09:42 PM

Whatever he is, he sure is cute. Very adorable puppy. Looks older than 6 weeks??

Anitsisqua 12-02-2012 09:43 PM

I sent him a message. I'm not sure about the documentation. We're going to discuss it further tomorrow, I just want to get some information beforehand.

Yeah, he's definitely a cutie. And the seller told them he was 6 weeks...for all that's worth.

Sunflowers 12-02-2012 09:44 PM

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That looks like a dog to me!

Shade 12-02-2012 09:46 PM

Love the markings, very unique! I agree Mosul should be able to help

Yoschi's_Pet_Human 12-02-2012 09:46 PM

a friend had a bonafide 7/8 wolf&1/8 malamute mix for 9yrs... he was the most athletic "dog" I've ever seen... but it did challenge him fiercely, at times. He got it at around 6weeks of age too... bottle fed it and let it sleep on piles of dirty laundry to imprint his smell... a **** of a challenge,, but he loved "Luke" with all his heart,,, fyi.. he was bought in Elgin, Tx around 1992.

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