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Angry Do they think my signs dont apply to them??

I've always had a problem with the church people coming onto my property. It drives me nuts. I hung up two "No Trespassing" signs on my gates, but they come on in anyway.

Today, I didnt see them drop off their group so I didnt know they were walking around and Balen was outside. I heard somebody open my front gate so I run to the door, Balen must have been around the back side of the house and heard the gate at the same time I did. By the time I got to the door Balen was barreling down the driveway barking his head off. The woman spins around and **** near trips over her own feet trying get back out of my gate. I yelled Balens name as loud as I could and thank GOD he stopped dead in his tracks.

There were 2 other women and a little girl about 6-7 years old standing on the front portion of my yard (not fenced) who run over to this woman and the one asks her if she wanted her to call the police over "almost getting bit by a vicious dog" and said that I was lucky my dog stopped because if it had come through the gates and bit her little girl, she would have made sure my dog was put down, and that was it. I lost it and I lost it big. I came off my porch and said some things that I'm gonna have to pray for forgiveness for tonight but essentially I told them that they were not exempt from my "No Trespassing" signs and that the next time they come on my property, the dog will be the last thing they will need to worry about. I've calmed down a little bit, but at the time I was so pissed I couldn't see straight.

I've been telling these people to stay off my property for months but they are just relentless. What can I do?? I've called the church that they come from and complained to no avail. I've told them they can stick their flyers and pamphlets in my mailbox, which is near the street and not my in yard, but they insist on coming through my gates and pounding on my door. I'm fed up with these people.

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Why do they do that? Is it a shortcut?

I have no trespassing signs on my gates and one of these. It's the cheap kind, but it will slow down church ladies.

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Call the police and file a trespassing complaint. Do you have a 'Beware of Dog' sign? Not that it will solve the problem, but still. Especially given your sign and your calls to the church... you've got a good complaint with the police against them. Don't wait for them to come back, file it now and maybe that will stop them! They aren't supposed to legally put anything in your mailbox. I'd be mad, too!!
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Easy solution is to never let your dog be outside alone, for one.
And yes, lock the gates.

Flyers and pamphlets in your mbox is against the law. You
don't need to tell them that of course but that might be
why they have been told not to do it anyway.

You could also check and see if your location requires permits
for handing out stuff like that.

If all else fails, a cease and desist order from your attorney!


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WOW, how frustrating. Especially since you have gates and signs ... they are clearly trespassing.

How about ... hook up some kind of speaker / mechanism so that when they open the gate a LOUD voice screams ... OMG the dogs are out ... RUN FOR YOUR LIVES ...

You would at least get a good chuckle out of it!

I had a similar problem with the hydro people coming into the backyard to read the metre. Ky's not outside during the day when they come by, BUT they never latch the gate properly. And I never know EXACTLY which day they are coming.

I've come home from work and put her in the backyard to do her business while I run downstairs and get changed for our walk. Twice I've come up the stairs and I can see her sitting on the front porch EEEKK!!!! Thank god she doesn't take off!

I called them once and gave them heck. It happened again. I nailed it shut - they couldn't get in the backyard, so I got a notice that I was breaking the by-law by not giving them access.

I called them and demanded to speak to a manager and I gave him what for ... I told him flat out ... I will NOT tolerate such laziness, etc. from their employees. If they can't shut a dang gate after they leave, then THEY WILL pay to move the metre to the front of the house where they don't have to go behind a fence to read the metre.

I also told them that if my dog got hit by a car, or if I got a fine b/c she got out I would come after them.

I got a month of free hydro LOL and a HUGE letter of apology ... and my gate's never been left open again.

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Perhaps if you paint "SATAN'S GATE" on it they might not go through it?

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One of the nicer things about having a dog is to keep these sorts of people at bay.
I guess they didn't get the memo, maybe this first hand experience will work for you.
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I'm afraid "Church" does not cure stupidity it just gives comfort to those lacking in common sense" I would have probably come unglued myself.
What I’m afraid you’re going to have to do is file Trespassing charges the next time someone comes on your property.

Don’t let the Police bully you into turning the other cheek because it’s a “Church Person” insist that charges be filed.
You do this once then word will get around like wild fire throughout the congregation!
You NEED to documents everything and put it on record in case they do get bit.

Stop talking everything from here on out put in WRITING and back it with police reports!!!
The down side is most likely you’re going to have a couple hundred people praying for your soul because you’re a mean person???

Maggie's Daddy
"And I will execute great vengeance on them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am... a German Shepherd" - Modified version of Ezekiel 25:17

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Why in the world would they be opening your gate and coming through your yard??

I hate that people don't read signs, or think that signs don't apply to them. At least you have the signs posted, so if someone tries to sue you for having a "vicious dog" you can point out that they were breaking the law by entering your property!
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And that is when I would have told them that I am calling the police. Maybe you can get a restraining order from the church and all its affiliates? IDK but I am sure glad that nothing horrible happened.

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