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Originally Posted by Gharrissc View Post
My parents have three of the Spynx cats you are talking about. That probably would have been my choice,but I ended up with a rescue calico and a Maine Coon.
I was actually looking at a breed called the Peterbald. It's like a hairless Oriental Shorthair or Siamese. Some of them are totally smooth, others have a super-soft, downy coat like a chamois, and some of them have a wiry coat like a Rex.

But I am very happy with my Ocicats, and DH is too.
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Those hairless cats get greasy really fast and there's a lot of maintenance to them.
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Originally Posted by Freestep View Post
My husband was a little bit cautious of GSDs when I first met him. After he got to know Luka, he realized that it's the *training* that makes a huge difference. All the GSDs he'd met were untrained, out of control, spoiled rotten pet dogs. He said he didn't realize what a GSD is supposed to be like, until he met Luka.

So, he trusts me when it comes to dog stuff.
My husband was the one who wanted the GSD had he not brought me home this little fluffy white puppy I might of had fits... but how could I resist this...

Now I'm hooked and this was my choice.

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Originally Posted by Jag View Post
You haven't tried everything. It takes more than 5 months. Did you read my post to you? I gave you a list of things to do. It can be done. How old are you? I'm wondering, because I think it would help to understand where you're coming from. Please stop fighting with your husband about the cat. Do you work, or are you a stay at home wife? If you're a stay at home wife while your husband is working, then yes... it's your job to deal with the pets while he's at work. Please calm down. I think most of us are from a generation ahead of you. We didn't think of just getting rid of pets due to issues like this. We worked it out. I realize your cat isn't staying in her room. I gave you ways to deal with that, though. We set up places for our cat to go to that were higher than the dogs. You do NOT have to use a shock collar to get the dog to leave the cat alone. It sounds like you're only using the collar as punishment 'when you need it'. If this is how you're using it... it's not going to work. I do think you can work this out without it, though. However, a puppy is a puppy. It's going to take time, and you being consistent. The cat can also learn. They are not stupid.
What makes YOU think I didnt?
Well thank you for this discovery
When I need it? The shock collar was the last resort I spent $170 only because I was trying to save the cat. anyway I am done defending myself and arguing, you are not in my house you don't know whats going on, good bye.
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Originally Posted by julie87 View Post
What makes YOU think I didnt?
Well thank you for this discovery
When I need it? The shock collar was the last resort I spent $170 only because I was trying to save the cat. anyway I am done defending myself and arguing, you are not in my house you don't know whats going on, good bye.
hi julie, i hate jumping into an already heated discussion, but i have been told e collars should never be used on a gsd. i will let others that know more debate that issue. that 170.00 may have been better spent on a trainer. i also believe that some gsd will never not chase cats.
chasing cats is one of my dogs favorite pass times. knowing i couldn't change this behavior, i decided to adapt to it. all you have to do is make sure there are plenty of places for your cat to hide and safe havens for your cat to escape to such as, underneath furniture, behind furnature ect. a "half" door to the cats room is also a big help. i am sure you can do this by your self. we have always found this entertaining. remember though training your gsd is key.
although i was unsuccessful with training not to chase, i do train for a "leave it" and "drop". both of which can stop a chase instantly and i feel can save a dogs life in other situations. i also delayed declawing so kyra could get swatted in the face a time or two so some respect could be established. now years later when one of our new terrier were brought home and chased the cat, if it appeared things were to rough or if my two jrts went into "prey drive" our kyra, a gsd, would let out a stern bark and all would stop.
although kyra has become somewhat protective, i still never let the dogs and cats have the run of the house when no one was home. also, a gsd is not fully mature until the age of at least 2. waiting only until he is a year old won't help much. i will suggest a pro-trainer familiar with gsd if you plan on using your e-collar. i also am one that believes pets are not disposable, and only in dire circumstances, loss of home, death or health reasons, should a pet be given up or destroyed. you can make this work.

i dislike long blocky posts, but my paragraphs do not show up when i submit them. sorry

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I think what is upsetting people most is the take the cat to a shelter comment. Many folks on this board have worked and volunteered in shelters or rescues and know the chances of cats being adopted is slim. Shelters are over flowing with adoptable cats and few adopters.
Quick illustration, when my sister was a young reporter she went to work for a small city daily, one of her jobs was the SPCA pet of the week photo and write-up. She dealt with the manager and quite liked him, one day, it was during kitten season, the manager said, "I wish people would just drown them in buckets instead of bringing them here". My sister was quite taken aback, he did clarify, they can end up with upwards of 300 cats in a given week, dropped off, owner surrendered... They maybe adopt 5. So the shelter ends up euthanizing 200+ cats. Cats are even more disposable to people than dogs and we all know, just look at the rescue forums on this board the plight of shelter dogs.
I think that is why emotions run high, people do not like to see animals with good homes, end up a statistic.
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Originally Posted by msvette2u View Post
Those hairless cats get greasy really fast and there's a lot of maintenance to them.
Yeah, I know. The totally bald ones need to be bathed a lot... not a problem for me, as I have a grooming shop at my disposal, and no hair=no drying time. Piece of cake.

The ones with the chamois-type coat are much better in that regard--they don't get dirty as easily.

The reason why hairless cats get greasy is that ALL cats are greasy, but normally, the hair wicks up the oils and then the cat licks its fur, removing excess oil. Everyone thinks cats are so clean, but they are actually *filthy* little animals... that's why they're always cleaning themselves! You don't see it until they stop, due to age, illness, or whatever reason. There is nothing more disgusting than a cat that doesn't groom itself anymore.
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My husband got an English Bulldog, and I don't really like that breed. I like to have 2 dogs, and I think it is fair for each spouse to pick a dog/breed.

No, I don't feel like I treated her different - she was still loved by me. But she was a pain in the butt at times, and so stubborn. She also wasn't very bright. I taught her to sit, then pretty much called it good because I was worried any further attempts at training would just confuse her. And I did end up feeding and taking care of her, especially when she ended up with a brain tumor and seizures. I didn't mind because I felt like she was mine too.
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I wouldn't have a problem with it, unless it was a really high-maintenance breed as because of our work schedules (he's a safety engineer who has to travel fairly often, I'm a freelance writer...one of us is home a lot more :P) I'd be doing most of the care, and I'm already about as busy as I can get with the ones we have. So one that required a ton of grooming or a lot of training/exercise, I would probably put my foot down. But if he wanted something like a greyhound, which I don't have much use for but would be happy lazing around on the couch a lot, I'd be okay with it.

Otherwise I think the only qualms I would have would be if he wanted a breed known for dog aggression, even if the dog itself didn't show aggression initially. My dogs tend to squabble relatively often (herding breeds, they'll start bossing each other and then it turns into a harmless squabble that stops quickly) but I'd worry with a dog aggressive breed that it might escalate into an actual fight. So there we'd need to have some serious talks because I wouldn't want to be home alone and have a dog fight break out.

And no, I wouldn't treat the dog any differently. I've had foster dogs that weren't my favorites before, and they all get the same treatment. Just because that dog might not be my favorite, doesn't mean it isn't a good dog.

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I don't know about anyone else, but I've given myself a limit on how many dogs I can have at a time, which is 2. Since I can only have two dogs at a time I want the two dogs to be really, really special dogs that I absolutely want. If one of those 'spaces' is filled by a dog I really don't want, I think I would be pretty resentful of it because that means I can't get another dog until one of the dogs dies and the dog I didn't want would be 'wasting' a space. This probably sounds pretty harsh....

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