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Originally Posted by ozzymama View Post
Do you really want your dog to protect you? I don't know, I figure I have to protect them. I want them to alert me, but I'll protect myself.
It's funny a week ago, I heard a knock at 4am on my door, just a soft knock and something that sounded like metal on metal, now dh was 10 hours away and I knew it wasn't him, nobody but one neighbor has a key, Oz, my gsdX or just really poorly bred shep didn't make a sound. My Saint, who was sleeping in my room, went to the window and barked - which is funny, because she never barks. We actually thought at one time she might have been debarked because she never barked and what came out of her was weird and strained sounding. This was a deep, strong woof. By the time I got to the window, I couldn't see anything. To me, the dogs are a deterrent, they are a warning to me that something is not right. I take my cell and cordless phone to bed when dh is away so if he calls, texts or e-mails, I get it. A night like last night, he worked all day, all night until 4am and is back at work today, so he has odd hours we don't get to talk much when he is gone.
Do I think either one of them would protect me with just basic pet obedience, no, hopefully after the 911 call they would be huddled down in the closet with me waiting for the cops to arrive.
Now last night, coming home from downtown I took a very dark road, it was just me and dd in a stroller, it wasn't late, only 7pm, but a part of me wished I had taken one of the dogs downtown with us, not for protection, just to have one with me as a deterrent.
I would be afraid relying on a dog for protection, and it would absolutely break my heart if anything happened to them while trying to protect me.
I think they would of protected you maybe its just me, but I want my dogs to protect me. Im a lil girl... if im walkin my dog and this big man tries to get me, I DONT want my dog just sitting there like its normal to have his owner being attacked.. I would die if somethin happebs to my babies.. i just hope they feel the same way
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Originally Posted by dbrk9 View Post
All of my dogs GSD or not have been protective in one way or another! Dogs are amazing on what they can sense!

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Originally Posted by codmaster View Post
Would you expect a 2 yo brother to protect you? Your puppy is a baby and currently needs your protection!
I protect both of my babies thankyou very much..
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Just having an attentive, well trained GSD walking alongside you will make anyone think twice about even getting near. The deterrence factor is often the best protection a German Shepherd can provide.


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Originally Posted by kelina View Post
I think they would of protected you maybe its just me, but I want my dogs to protect me. Im a lil girl... if im walkin my dog and this big man tries to get me, I DONT want my dog just sitting there like its normal to have his owner being attacked.. I would die if somethin happebs to my babies.. i just hope they feel the same way
They don't they are dogs. The only thing my dog is going to protect me from is a ham sandwich.
My advice to you, if you want a dog to protect you, is have the dog evaluated by a trainer, go to a club and train the dog.
In my mind, it was probably just a neighbor or dog walker with the wrong house last week, and if it were a break-in and I am sitting in my bed like - a sitting duck expecting the dogs to do something, then I am an idiot. Instead I expect them to do what I say no matter what, if we're on a walk and a pretty poodle winks at Oz and I tell him ignore, he ignores, if they are outside and the neighbor's dog engages them fence fighting and I call them off, they better get off. So if a break-in were to occur and I tell them to get in the bathroom, closet, attic and wait until help arrives, they better do it and I am more confident that they would than that they would protect me. The last thing I want in a situation like that is an untrained dog escalating a situation or endangering me or my child by pure unpredictability.
Once at the park a flock of ducks landed, Oz pointed, dh thought, great I got a hunting dog! Took him out one bright Saturday morning, first shot that rang off, dog turned tail and ran back to the truck. He might have lab in him, it's possible, but he ain't no hunting dog.
You want the dog to protect you, get it trained, otherwise you might as well play Russian Roulette with whatever assailant you encounter. Your dog might protect you with absolutely no training, just his love and devotion, or he might turn tail and get the heck out of there! Which do you want to bank your life on?
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My oldest dog is a samoyed mix. She is a wise soul, but generally loves everyone. I doubt highly she would attack someone, but she wouldn't run away either. She is confident and she would be right in their face, aggravating the heck out of them.

My golden is a happy go lucky dog, just like a golden should be. Since I live alone, I was looking for more of a protector(that is how the GSD came about) and who would be afraid of a golden? As he's getting older I have come to the conclusion that he would try to protect me. About a month ago I had him outside, it was pitch black out and a kid came running at us. I'm sure this kid was up to no good. The golden lunged forward, barking, and growling at him. The kid said oh poo poo and got out of there really fast. As soon as I told the golden it was okay, he went about his business. I don't want my dog to bite anyone, but his size is a huge plus on my side.

My GSD has all the traits that she should have for a GSD. She has been evaluated for schutzhund and did very well. She is a very confident dog and she adores me. I think those two things alone can make her go into protection mode. I don't see it now, but once she matures I do believe that she would also try to protect me. She is very alert and very quiet...I would not want to meet her in a dark alley

While I think that two of them would attempt to protect me, I don't expect it. I would also be very upset if something happened to them because of me. They are my dogs and I believe that I'm the one that protects them. They respect me, they are loyal to me, and I would be letting them down if I didn't protect them.

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It still amazes me how many people I've met who want their dogs (especially GSD's) to be 'the ultimate hero' even if it's not necessary. They almost seem disappointed if they dog isn't. I'm not talking about in the case of a real threat either. I think it has more to do with their ego and image.
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i had a samoyed also growing up what a great dog wow but yeah I don't think it would protect me, neither would my other gsd or any of my dogs only my current dog would but thats cause i told the breeder i wanted a dog that had the gentics for this and i keep training for it. BUt like someone said dogs like this have it in them from the start training only helps maintain or bring it out or whatever. My trainer said from the first day he saw her she had it in her and would have no problem biting him for real. Shes not a sharp or aggressive dog though at all.

I think certain lines of gsds would be more prone to protect their handler than other. There is such huge variation in gsd's these days. But also you can find the odd mutt or cattle dog that will fight someone to death for their owner. At the same time many many gsd's will flee. Most dobermans and rotties will press up agaisnt their owners legs show teeth and then bolt and run in terror. I think breeders of working lines, good breeders of working lines are still keeping that strong protection drive in their dogs and for personal protection all the time, they also place a lot of their dogs in police deparments as patrol dogs. A lot of these dogs without training I dont doubt for a second would chew a person up in a bad situation. Gentics I think plays an important part, of course not always but i mean that is why when selecting a pp prosect we choose from good working lines and good breeders. That is why police departments pick good breeders of working lines for their police dogs. It is not written in stone of course but there is a reason why we run to working dogs when we all want a protection dog.

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You never see someone saying hey I need a serious personal protection dog does anyone know any good american show line breeders out there? Most people flock to gsd's for personal protection you got to get use to it because right now they are the best breed out there that is practical.

The reason why people all expect the gsd to be the hero is because they are k9s and the number one practical dog out there now for pp. They have taken over the rottie and dobies role which are pretty much ruined here. Mals are too hard to handle for the avg owner. IF someone is out there looking for a serious personal protection dog the german shepherd is the number one choice. So people need to get use to this as this is the breed for the job. The thing is the breed just has so many lines so someone with an american show line just does not understand how a german shepherd could be a real protection dog. But someone with a good working line can understand it. They are worlds apart in their ability they are almost not the same animal. IF i had an american shepherd I would never expect it to step up to the plate, just like i would never expect a samoyed or a lab or a husky they just are not bred for it.

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Beyond the initial, "Ohh crap, she's got a scary dog, I better think twice" reaction, I don't want Spirit to protect me. I would hate to see him hurt, or worse. Sure, our dogs have teeth but they're no match for human weapons.

Protection is ultimately my responsibility. I think twice a lot
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