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Capone22 11-10-2012 09:09 PM

Worst injury caused by your dog?
I was just playing tug with rogue and went to offer her a different piece so she could fix her bite and she missed and bit my thumb. Her canine sliced along my nail bed and then She took a little chunk off the top. Ouch. Luckily it didn't hurt right away so I didn't scare her when it happened. (We're doing bite work, so it's important tug is all fun fun fun right now) hurts like a you know what now. I have a bunch of scabs and scars on my hands and wrists from the puppy teeth but this is the worst one yet.

What about you?

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GsdLoverr729 11-10-2012 09:16 PM

I think the worst Koda has ever done to me was a perfect puncture-wound clump that showed the outline of the front half of her muzzle. There was a large, black bruise around the wounds for a long time...
It was on my leg, and a total accident. When she saw she bit me and not her toy she was MORTIFIED. :rolleyes:

NancyJ 11-10-2012 09:18 PM

Does a friend's dog count? 5 inch metal plate holding together left fibula.

ShenzisMom 11-10-2012 09:19 PM

When I first got my GSD she didn't know what being a dog was. The first time I gave her a raw bone she had NO IDEA what it was. I was holding it for her, and suddenly she realized what it was, and accidentally 'bit' me. The cut was about --- big. No biggie, there's a thread somewhere about it I started :) haha

Capone22 11-10-2012 09:19 PM

Awww sweet girl. The things we do for our dogs. My husband was like "dam you handled that like a champ!" Lol

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DTS 11-10-2012 09:20 PM

My BF and I were wrestling one day and I grabbed him around the waist to tackle him.
Jasmine wanted to join in on the fun and came in mouth open. Her k9 caught the inside of my nose and gave me a bloody nose.

Capone22 11-10-2012 09:20 PM


Originally Posted by jocoyn (Post 2626366)
Does a friend's dog count? 5 inch metal plate holding together left fibula.

Holy crap!

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Gharrissc 11-10-2012 09:24 PM

Worst injury was being head butted by a new over zelous foster dog which resulted in a broken nose.

fuzzybunny 11-10-2012 09:39 PM

Mine are both head butts as well. I was sleeping with Bunny and she had her head under my chin. She sneezed and nailed me splitting my lip. My husband woke up to me crying with blood running down my chin.

The second time I was sitting on the bed, bent over a little while putting on my shoe. Jazz was chasing Bunny and as she jumped on the bed she head butted me in my forehead. That was extremely painful and I really thought I was going to pass out but fortunately did not. I had a nasty blue goose egg for a bit.

Discoetheque 11-10-2012 09:39 PM

While practicing restrained recalls with Discoe, we tangled each other up and I smashed one of my eyeteeth into her skull and knocked it loose. It hurt for about a month and a half, and I had to keep an eye on the tooth to make sure it didn't die and would have to be removed. I also had to be careful of what I ate until it stiffened back up into the gum. I'm out of the woods now and can eat what I want with no problem, but my bite has changed. I think it reset further forward than it had originally been.

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