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Almost everyone in my neighborhood has at least 1 dog. Dogs bark. My neighbors dog barks, it gets my dogs barking. I yell out to stop, neighbors dog keeps barking. I call out his name and tell him to knock it off. Unfortunately they leave him out and he can be a pain. Then there are 2 neighbors at the end of the road that each have 2 dogs and they bark all day & night. One neighbor corrects the dogs but the other neighbor is oblivous, his dogs will be out ther late at night. I would not be offended if my neighbor yelled out to my dogs to stop. I told them when we were trying to get our dogs to stop running the fence to shake the rattle can. Usually the only time our dogs bark is if there are some deer or other critters. When I take my dogs for walks we are always getting barked at and I do tell the dogs I know to quiet.
Although we all know thats just me barking along with them It also depends on the situation and the relationship you have with the people, also how they go about yelling at your dog.

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I probably don't have a right to comment on this thread since I have no neighbors nearby me, but if I did and my dogs were bothering them with their barking, I would be mortified. If I were outside playing with my dogs and they were being vocal, and my neighbors complained about that, then that would be a different story. But if your dogs are just hanging outside alone and barking, I think then your neighbor has a right to tell them to knock it off.

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If it were me, I would say shut up back to them cause it's just how I am. Barking in the middle of the night I can understand but a bark or two during the day I wouldn't care about and if someone is that intolerant to one or two barks then that's their problem, not mine. That being said I've yelled at the people's dogs that live in the duplex behind my apartment. Oh my gosh it's nothing ever but incessant barking and it's frickin ridiculous. The duplex has a backyard the size of a decent sized bedroom and the old fart has 5 dogs back there: a shihtzu, a big hound mix, a chihuahua, a Doberman mix, and a pit bull, the pit bull being the one that ran after Riley and I one day. They bark every time I take my dogs out. Never fails, bark at night, During the day. I honestly think they like hearing their own barks! But I've yelled shut up to them because it's non stop.
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Yeah, none of my dogs bark at night. Paw Paw and Beowulf don't bark at all.

I've been outside to check on Paw Paw and Beowulf, and I've found them standing quietly at the fenceline watching those neighbors while they BBQ, and I overheard them making fun of and taunting my dogs. As soon as I heard this, I recalled them both and brought them inside. So it's not like these people are model neighbors and Nara is the badguy here for barking.

But everyone is right for saying that barking dogs are a nuisance. I agree totally and deal with it everyday because of my neighbors dogs. We can be standing in the house and if they see us through our windows, they'll start barking at us. So, we're not allowed to be in our yard, and we can't even be inside our own house. Haha!
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my neighbors play with our dog. if my dog is out front
they call him so they can pet him and play with him
when they're bar-b-quing out back they always
give him peice through the fence.

i heard my neighbor tell my dog to be quiet.
she didn't yell at him. actually she told him to be
quiet the sameway i would have said it. she said "quiet Loki,
no barking" and they she came over to the fence to pet him.

my neighbor that lives 3 doors down has a dog that
barks at me every morning when i walk past their house.
every morning i say "stop barking, it's me". one day when i
passing by my neighbor said to me "i know when you're walking past.
i hear you two talking to each other". both of us laughed.

now, with your dog barking. i think you should controll
your dogs barking. a barking dog is annoying. as far as
a neighbor telling your dog to be quiet, if they weren't being
mean about it or yelling i don't see much of a problem. besides
your dog probably isn't effected by it.
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I also have new neighbors, and they were party animals when they first moved in. My dogs were not used to them and barked all the time. Prior to them moving in, I always made the dogs quiet down right away, and was training them to not bark at the fence. These neighbors are loud and rude, party all night and have thrown food over the fence. So in return, I let the dogs bark at them and threw the food back over the fence, into their hot tub (on purpose). Once I did that, it all stopped. They are now quiet and respectful and I make my dogs mind their manners too.

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I have yelled at my neighbors dogs. But it's never been for barking, which doesn't bother me too much since mine do it all the time. Nope.

I've yelled at my neighbors dogs for chasing cars up and down the road, which I consider life threatning for them. I would rather have a yelled at dog and embarased neighbor than a dead dog. If I'm driving by, and I see one of them running out to "escort me", I will quickly make sure the road is clear behind me, then stop the car, roll down the windown and crack the windshield by clearing out my vocal cords with something like "NO!!! GET BACK UP TO THE HOUSE!!!!" which nearly always results with a dog stoping in it's tracks, and usually doing a 180, and trotting back to the house with a head down and a tail between the legs. The dogs always looke bewildered by that, because other people never do that. (or by their perspective the fast loud shiny objects never stop, they usually go faster because they are being chased off)

My dog's don't chase cars. I don't want to see my neighbors dogs chasing cars either.

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Dogs aren't like children, they don't take offense to being told to shut up by some neighbor over the fence. Also, your dogs aren't your children so don't humanize them so much. Nobody should get really offended because someone told your DOG to shut up. (kind of related but some people will get upset at me if I tell their dog "NO" or "down" at the dog park while their dog is doing something wrong to my dog or jumping on me. People humanize their dogs too much and take offense to things as if they were human children)

Sounds like your neighbors were outside trying to do something and your dog was barking and interrupting their time in their own backyard doing their own thing. It doesn't have to be a case of your dog doing it on a daily basis. If they had something to do at that moment and your dog was being a nuisance barker at that moment, then you gotta get on it and control it.

The only thing I could recommend that you do is next time you and your neighbor are both out back, approach them and apologize for your dog barking, and say that you will try your best to control the situation as soon as possible next time. I know you feel more like you were wronged, and they feel more like they were wronged, but taking initiative and being the bigger person and apologizing will go a long way.

If a neighbor is very polite, friendly and apologizes it will create a better interaction, and perhaps if your dog does act that way again they will be more forgiving because they know that you are a nice person and are actually concerned for them. If you confront them and come at it like you were wronged, they are going to feel offended because they were also wronged. That leads to a poor relationship between you, and a sour taste in their mouth. Next time, even if its only a couple barks, they will get grumpy about it and be quicker to complain and escalate it to animal control. multiple offenses combined with a poor relationship could cause drama and they could end up trying to provoke your dog to barking so they could create a case against you.

Again, be the bigger person, take responsibility and apologize. In the long run it will actually be easier for you and save you potential tickets.
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Any chance those neighbors might think the nuisance barking you describe from the other neighbor is coming from your dogs?
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Good Lord things may get ugly between me and my next door neighbor before long. First problem, he leaves his 2 yappy, little dogs outside 24/7. They would bark at all hours of the night. Mine do not go out after 10:30p. When I am working they do go out early but are usually quiet. I have already had the police visit my house because of his barking dogs. The people that live on the street behind us called and complained. You can BET I was ticked, I told that officer who the culprit was too.

Then a week later the same jerk is outside. I let the dogs out. Dharma starts barking (she will sometimes run up to the fence and give a few barks at his dogs if they are near the fence- it never lasts more than a minute though). Well, this time she is barking because the man is out there. He starts to throw things at the fence (it is a 6 foot privacy fence) and yell "shut up you stupid dog"! Of course this makes Dharma crazy and she really goes off now. I was standing at the door to bring her in when I yelled back at him "You are not helping and that only makes it worse!" I was livid.

They also have a large trampoline in their back yard for their kids. Those kids get out there every evening and squeal, yell, scream and holler for several hours while they are playing. They came out one night when Dharma was out there, she barked, I went to the door to bring her in and the KID is now yelling "shut up". Of course they yell at their dogs all the time anyway, so this is acceptable. I didn't say anything to that brat that time, but I am going to next time it happens. Those brats make a TON of noise that I am forced to listen to and I don't complain. Maybe next time I find it annoying, I will yell "shut up kid" at them.

The other day I found evidence that someone was shooting a paintball gun into my yard. I found red splotches of paint on my lawn. The day before I had heard my jerk neighbor outside when Dharma had gone out. A bit later I went to check and she was hiding behind the garbage can. She does this when those noisy kids are outside as well since they scare her. I have no idea that he did it, I just found it strange that I find her hiding and the next day, splotches of red paint on my lawn. If I fine out he did do it, well things are going to get REAL ugly here and quick.

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