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Mike&Molly 08-18-2014 09:50 PM

An Overall Training Plan
To keep the story short here;
Purchased a female GSD at 7 months old from a breeder and she doesn't seem to have been socialized to much when they had her. She had never seen a leash or a collar. We have slowly been introducing new things to her thanks to a friends shepherd mix dog who behaves amazingly.

She is very skiddish around new people and will often hide in corners or pace around or will sit closest to me. We visit our inlaws often so I do understand the part about bringing her to a new enviroment that will keep her worked up.

She was crate trained originally I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt because I figured she was doing so well and let her have some freedom on the main floor in our house as there was no accidents etc.

Now she is going on 13 months old and refuses to listen to me..Its "Come.." and nothing.. so I repeat command "Molly Come.." and she will just look at me. If i stand up she knows I mean business and usually comes at that point.

We used clicker/mark training in the beginning for basic commands (Sit/Shake/Lay Down) and she knows them by heart.

I've watched lot of videos recently by Ed Frawley from Leerburg and like most of his information. I guess I'm looking for some help to get her to socialize better in a general sense.

I take her to the local coffee shop in the neighbourhood with my wife and I stay outside with her but we cannot get near the door or she will begin to literally throw herself into the air doing barrell rolls. I respect her distance when she tells me "This is too close and it's scaring me..." So we move back to the grass area.

I'm impressed with her recall as there is a hiking trail nearby that we let her go down, I let her and our friends dog go up about 100 feet ahead of us within range and we call them back and they instantly come. Molly has a tendency to go that far our and just look back at me as if she was wanting more instructions.

I guess I'm wondering what to do as I feel I'm at my wit's end and this is eroding my confidence in myself as a owner/handler and losing faith in a dog that I thought would be a quick learner.

ANY comments/insight/criticism is appreciated.

Baileysowner 08-28-2014 11:50 PM

Have u looked into ur local trainers? The investment is worth it! Also maybe go to a pet smart to walk around but be careful there can be so!e crazies in there.. I also would suggest not to use their training classes

HarleyTheGSD 08-29-2014 12:22 AM

Teach her that strange places/people are good. If she is comfortable enough to take treats in a strange place, start there. Reward her for approaching. Give strangers treats to give her. If she does well with that, give her simple commands.

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