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RoxyKins 07-10-2014 10:38 PM

3 Year Old Sudden Drastic Psychological Change!
My 3 year old named Roxy has shown some strange changes and my family and I cannot find out the cause. I have searched and searched but could not find anything related to my issue, so I have registered here to make this.

It has started a month ago. It may just be a coincidence, but shortly before it started, she had a red sore on her lower lip and took antibiotics (Cephalexin) for 2 weeks and it cleared up. We live in Florida where it has been extremely hot lately. It's also hurricane season so we get thunder and lightning pretty often which she does not like.

>She used to jog an hour a day.
>While driving, instead of sticking her head out of the window like she loved to do, she crouches and hides on the floor in front of the backseat.
>She's afraid to get out of the car (unless it's home of course).
>She doesn't want to go for walks. She'll go out a short distance and then drag us back to the house.
>She used to be completely inseparable with my father, who is her master, as he spends all day with her and used to bring her on multiple walks every day spending at least 3 hours outside with her. Now, she has become closer to myself and my mom (not a bad thing of course), but she doesn't sleep with him when he naps or other things she always used to. She will frequently go upstairs and spend time with me now which is new.
>It almost appears like she looks depressed sometimes

>She has not displayed any physical issues, doesn't appear to be in pain, no change in appetite.

Thank you for taking the time. If you have any wisdom on this I would greatly appreciate your input! Worried about my baby

Twyla 07-11-2014 07:23 AM

Since this is a sudden change - have a vet checkup done. Target the ears especially. Approaching storms changes air pressure which can cause pain in the ears. Ear infections can cause dizziness - moving car, looking out the window could make it worse.

If that checks out ok, start looking into something happening in or around the car with your dad involved. Did somebody pull out and your dad had to slam the brakes on and she was thrown off the seat? Something loud happened while she was in the car - a backfire next to them, somebody yelling close by and startling her. Could be something small we wouldn't have given another thought to.

For her walking - what time of day do you walk and what is the walk surface. This time of year, even the ground can be extremely hot by mid-morning in Florida.

Just some ideas.

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