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SaffronTea 07-07-2014 09:14 PM

Fearful reactions?
My Lakoda is great! Except for a few little problems we're trying so hard to fix, but are seeking options.

Our main problem is that he is barking at my autistic brother...

We got him to stop for a few days by having my brother feed him ham, and work on him with Sit and Down. My brother cannot do this for very long, but he does it for a few seconds, at different times. He'd gotten to the point where he was able to just sit and pet Lakoda, no problem. He even has had to step over Lakoda a few times, and Lakoda spent the night at my mother's house last night, and all went well until my husband and I showed up today. Lakoda ran to the door barking and quieted down when he saw it was us, but then when my brother came out of his room, Lakoda went after him. Every time he saw my brother he ran at him, barking and jumping at him, and it's terrified my poor brother... He is large, nearly 7 feet tall, and due to the medications he is on he's gained a lot of weight, so he's a big guy, but he's absolutley terrified... we convinced him to try training with Lakoda, while I had Lakoda on a leash and his prong collar, and my brother got Lakoda to Sit and Down several times, for the ham. Lakoda's tail was wagging, he was absolutley fine, but when he saw my brother later, he started barking like mad, growled, went after him... It was so bad we brought Lakoda home because he was scaring my brother too much...

What can we do about this?

Our current trainer has us shoving food in his face every time we see something he reacts to, such as other dogs, people on bikes or jogging... to try and keep him from reacting.

It's not working yet, but we're trying new/different treats. He loves ham, he loves hot dogs, but once he's distracted, we haven't been able to find anything that'll get his attention back. All advice is welcome!

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