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Sabis mom 06-08-2014 07:29 PM

Mostly just want to brag! Couple of questions though
So I ran out of coffee yesterday, which prompted me to take Little Miss Shadow for a stroll to Tim Hortons this morning, before I was truly awake. I put her collar and muzzle on and off we wandered. I usually use a harness because her collar seems to bring on bad behavior. But she did amazing! A bit of tugging, because she was wide awake unlike my sluggish behind, but nothing over the top. We passed several people on the sidewalk and she mostly ignored them, barely even tensed up. While we were standing in line, ignoring the kids-Good Girl-snotty little terrier strolls up and tries to get in her face. Bit of wuffing from Shadow but she stayed close and behaved. No tensing, no posturing, no lunging. She even stood up to the window for an ear scratch. And her tail was waving the whole time.
As we were walking away, cranky woman at one of the tables mutters something about 'shouldn't have that dog here'. I asked what she said and she screams 'you have no business having that in a public place if it needs a muzzle'
I told her to get an education, and we left.

So first, I'm very pleased with Shadows progress overall.
Second, she did do good right? I mean she only barely reacted to a blatant challenge from a mouthy dog and she never broke position.
Third, why isn't it legal to slap annoying people?
And lastly any thoughts on her collar issue? She almost acts like it frightens her.

JakodaCD OA 06-08-2014 07:49 PM

sounds good, sometimes I find putting a muzzle on a dog , takes away the "need" for them to act out? hard to explain.

I will say, Masi is terrified of one thing in life, her vet:( I put a muzzle on her and it seems to calm her and again, takes away the 'need' to act out

Liz&Anna 06-08-2014 08:03 PM

The muzzle make the handler feel better, makes YOU more confident and your dog feels that and relaxes. Your dog knows if your nervous, muzzling it gives you peace of mind and keeps you from tensing the leash, there for your dog has no need to protect or to be uncomfortable.

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Sabis mom 06-08-2014 08:25 PM

Shadow has been muzzled off the property most of her life. She is definitely what I would call a fear aggressive dog, and due to a list of problems she is scared a lot! Blowing plastic bags and those little lawn signs freak her right out, so do reflections in windows and flashing lights. Add to that, she is freakishly strong, unbelievably quick and she never bluffs and our walks were just nerve wracking for both of us before the muzzle.
When she was very young I spent a lot of time with bruises and scrapes due to being yanked off my feet. I can handle Bud at his worst, I was used to walking big, strong dogs but I used to joke that walking Shadow was like being dragged by a truck. And she's so tiny!
Anyway we have worked really hard on her issues and walks are nearly enjoyable now.
Is there anything I did wrong this morning? Anything I should focus on?

Chip18 06-08-2014 08:54 PM

Usually a harness first can be an issue for most people. If she is handling it fine and it sounds like she is your good.

You need to reshape her association with the collar. Don't throw one on and head out for training, put it around her food bowl and let her get use to seeing/smelling it. Let her have it on around the house while she is chilling out. Just a thought, :)

Sounds like your doing good! At the point she was in a bit my time a finger snap a finger poke or a tap on the head with the loose end of the leash will be all that's needed! Or a simple Psst or Ah. If you don't have a dog that is wildly out of control it's pretty simple!

You have a "Bubble Dog" that got coined in another thread about taking dogs that are not "born" friendly out in public. Hence the ladies reaction!

I had a "bubble dog" and he is just fine today! :) No one was allowed to pet him, he went behind me
and learned that was his place when I spoke to folks. No dog ever got near him! Ignore and move on. I kept him safe form people and dogs and people and dogs safe from him!

A couple of links for you:

Post * has some links, "Who Pets my Puppy or Dog" is what I did and it worked just fine for me/us.

And going back to the collar thing I would consider this also or maybe instead or at least invaddition to!
Wheres my sanity: Sit on the Dog, aka: The long down

I used to say I never had the need with my dogs they don't have problems! Maybe it would have helped with my Bubble dog though?

Regardless I did something very similar with a fearful rescue yesterday. The dog has fear issues with people. I had seen him last week and just looked so sad (Boxer) well I sat him down between my legs and basically kept him there I did let him sit and stand and crawl around abit but he had to stay with me! So not in strict accordance to the plan. Nonetheless he settled down and played bittie face with the other Boxers..uh in my lap! I was pretty much under three of them! Boxer thing!

Anyway I do think the "Sitting on dog thing will help!"

And the muzzle thing I did that also, once I could read my dog I removed it on walks. He was not going crazy so no need for it. I waited longer still before I allowed anyone to Pet him. You do the stop and talk for awhile and you will be able to see "the whatever kinda look on your dogs face!" :) Then he is safe!

I used this muzzle:
A Great Small And Lightweight Nylon Mesh Muzzle

Not good for hot weather or vigorous exercise and not as secure as a real muzzle! But it sounds like it's more suited to what you need! A dog can remove it but it buys you time to gain control if needed! It also lowers the freak out factor of JQP! :)

Sabis mom 06-08-2014 09:42 PM

Thank you. All of you.

She has worn a collar all her life, and this is the dog that will come along quietly if I grab her scruff, but for whatever reason any pressure at all on a collar will usually illicit a dramatic and crazy reaction. That's why I was so surprised that she walked nicely today.
I have a nylon muzzle but she pants a lot and I found the basket muzzle better for her, if not public perception.
An interesting note, Shadow is fond of either turning and shoving her head between my knees or thighs, or walking behind me with her head peeking out between my legs. I always thought this was an insecurity thing, she did not do it at all this morning, strolled happily beside me the whole way.

Maybe some of our hard work is finally paying off?

DWP 06-09-2014 08:46 AM

Number Three
Well I will address question number three. It is not legal to slap annoying, stupid and inconsiderate rude people because there are so many of them it would become injurious to the hands of the rest of us.

In 1799, shortly after the ratification of the constitution here in the US, we as a nation were begining to experience a high level of physical disciplining of idiots. The well behaved and smarter population were getting tired of the slapping and their hands were getting sore. Sen. Jay "Johnnyboy" Smith of Maryland proposed a law to make slapping illegal due to his sons being continually slapped. The rest of congress was in a similiar situation and they passed the no slapping law.

Shade 06-09-2014 09:09 AM

It sounds like you're on the right track, good job :)

There are always going to be critics, let yourself vent for a hour or so but then you have to let it roll off your back. Remember you have no reason to try and impress strangers ;)

wyoung2153 06-09-2014 02:17 PM

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NO experience at all with aggression or anything.. and I don't know your whole story, BUT it sounds like things went awesome for you guys :) I also wonder if she was more relaxed for 2 reasons.. you weren't awake enough to be tense in some of those situation and 2 because she has the muzzle which again makes you feel more comfortable and confident.

Also.. I'd have said a few words to that lady.. maybe even offered the muzzle to her as it probably would be more beneficial to the public to silence her ignorance :D

Squeetie 06-09-2014 02:32 PM

It may not be relevant (or this simple for Shadow), but as far as the collar issue is concerned, it may be the type of collar you have her in.

I got my mix a rolled leather collar to prevent matting and his obedience went out the window when I brought him to class the next time. He was acting nervous, almost like he was spooked by something, and was acting up the entire class - wouldn't do something as simple as go to his mat. As soon as I realized what was up and put on his older, thicker nylon one, he was good to go and back to acting like he should! :rolleyes: My trainer called him "sensitive" because of his collar crazies (as I call it)!

So it's just a thought, and may not be the case for Shadow, but I'd experiment with different types of collars (materials, thickness, etc.) if you haven't already.

Also - congratulations on a great morning with your great girl!! :D

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