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LoveMyMaximus 06-03-2014 11:01 PM

Frustrated repetition
I have an almost 2 yr old German Shepherd :gsdhead: named Maximus :paw:. He is a wonderful boy with an amazing temperament and is so smart that it's scary sometimes. We are constantly in awe of how easily he learns. But there is one area that can use some huge improvement. We have a 1 yr old kitty named Tigerlily and Maximus is obsessed with her! No matter how many times we tell Maximus "NO" or "leave it" or "No kitty", he just will not/cannot leave her alone. She can't walk passed him without him lunging at her or chasing her. Tigerlily isn't afraid of Maximus either but she doesn't like being constantly harassed. My hubby and I are at a complete loss as to how to break him of this habit! He hasn't hurt her nor do I think he would but he's 100 lbs of dog and she is 10 lbs of small kitty and he could hurt her unintentionally. If she is on my lap he comes over and "nibbles" on her back end or her tummy or pulls her tail. We would LOVE some peace between them and an end to the constant "NO's" and "leave its". Please :help:!! Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Kaasuti 06-04-2014 07:42 AM

I have three cats. My dog Charlie got a bit too rough with one of my cats once (trying to play with her like she was a toy). I shouted "No" in my lowest, growliest voice and put him on his back. I hated doing it :(, but he daren't look at my cats in that way anymore, he looks away when they walk past. Infact i have come home and found all four (one dog, three cats) all in the same area laying down together. Getting the correction at the right time is key.

Shade 06-04-2014 08:12 AM

It's self-rewarding behaviour, he enjoys it.

I would leash him and correct him every time he acts too interested, lay down the law NOW that for no reason ever again to cross a certain line even in play. At the same time use some counter conditioning to tell him what you DO want him to do, so if you correct him for jumping at the cat and he settles and looks at you then mark that positively and reward with treats or a toy. You need to instil in him that you are more fun than the cat and if he wants to play then you will indulge him. The more the cat becomes boring the calmer the overall energy of the household will become.

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