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Ellimaybel 05-18-2014 03:56 AM

Thankful for a great dog
I am so grateful for Gunther's great behavior the past few days. I've been sick in bed and unable to go out and play and this dog has been AWESOME for a 10 month old puppy. He comes and checks on me from time to time, lets me know when he absolutely can't hold it and has to go out, and mostly entertains himself during the day. Makes me feel even guiltier that I'm sick when he's such a well behaved dog. Some dogs would have torn up the house by now but not Gunther. He is getting all the football throwing time I have to give with no commands when I get better.

How are your dogs when you are too sick to give them your 100%? Do they get restless, try to take care of you, or leave you alone and behave?

BorderKelpie 05-18-2014 04:14 AM

Awww, good boy!

I do hope you're feeling 100% really soon and I know he'll appreciate the footabll throwing when you are.

I have one that not only checked on me a lot after I came home from the hospital to recover from surgery - she guarded me and blocked the other dogs from bumping into me. (I had broken my jaw in three places, and had surgery to try to repair it). I have no idea how she knew, but once i was back on my feet, she had no issues body slamming me again. lol

Ellimaybel 05-18-2014 04:17 AM

ah the body slam..... sigh. I'm almost missing that lol

Ellimaybel 05-18-2014 04:27 AM

Ok, he just reminded me of the one way he hasn't been the perfect gentleman. He seems to be on kitty patrol more than ever. He's not the kind of dog that chases the cats, he usually leaves Fuzzy alone completely and tries to lick Cleo or give her his bones (which are hard shin bones). But since I've been sick he's taken it upon himself to "see the kitty away" almost. If they jog past him he follows just to ensure they leave me and then he comes back and sleeps by me. Of course I keep saying "no" but he just looks at me like "what? I'm not trying to catch him, I'm just escorting".

lovemygirl 05-20-2014 08:12 AM

Eva was always spectacular about this, too. She would just curl up with me on the couch all day and only let me know when she really, really had to go out. She was so adaptable and awesome! :wub:

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