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jewels1273 05-14-2014 04:12 PM

2 YO Female Behavior - HELP
We have 4 GSDs in our house ranging in ages 6 (male), 2 (female) and 2 pups that are 8 months (brother & sisters).

The 2 yo female has begun to be very dominant with the 2 pups and even tries to do the same with the 6 yo male (tries - he doesn't let her). She will mouth the neck area of the pups - doesn't bite them, just mouth them until they submit. The thing is - she does this constantly to them. I'm constantly having to tell her to stop only because they are knocking things down when they do this or waking up others in the house. When this happens I separate them and put them in their crates until they calm down. Now I know this is probably normal behavior but when this happens, she (the 2 yo female) I swear is nuts - she is constantly tearing things up - she is crated and someone she was able to get ahold of a shoe that was nowhere near the kennel and destroy it (my husband is not happy about that) - she doesn't go outside with the other dogs until she calms down. She is played with but always seems to want more attention and when we give the other dogs attention she gets jealous and pushes them away from us. We do go for walks and play fetch but we have noticed that she does better when its just one on one.

she has to stay crated at night and when we are gone or she will tear everything up, pee and poop in the house and eat things (like my heirloom seeds that came in the mail the other day). I have never known such a destructive dog. We have thought about rehoming but she is very territorial and does not like others coming in the house unless they have been there before - even then she takes a while to realize that it is ok that they are there.

the other dogs are ok with others in our house - it is just her that has an issue. We are running out of ideas and I refuse to give up on her but I'm at a loss. Please help.

Mary Beth 05-14-2014 09:12 PM

If there are classes in your area, it may help to attend with her. At least it would give her one on one time with you and she would learn something that would tire her out physically and mentally. She then may be easier to live with.

selzer 05-14-2014 09:30 PM

You have too many young dogs for your situation.

My suggestion is to rehome your 8 month old bitch puppy, and possibly the 8 month old male as well.

Your 2 year old bitch is barely an adult. A young adult. She needs a lot of attention and training. And she is a bitch. Right now the puppy license is gone for the pups, and she is deciding that she is a young bitch, and wants to ensure she is the top-bitch. There was no way to know that she would have the green gene -- jealous, possibly same-sex-aggression.

So far she has not aggressed toward you other dogs. Because they are submitting. But if she continues, without serious changes, they will fight at some point, and there will be blood, and you will think that your dog has something wrong with her, you will hold it against her.

I suggest you rehome the puppy bitch before your adult bitch gets to this level. It is possible that the puppy dog will be ok with her without the bitch present. But because she is so young, it is probably better for you to rehome him too.

It isn't your bitch's fault that you decided to bring home two more puppies, when she still requires a lot of work.

The other thing is that having littermates, is a bad idea for most people. They get very attached to each other. And they will develop some behaviors if you try to separate them. They will need so much more socialization, each separately, and together. And training, and then if one gets sick and dies, the other will probably follow soon after doubling the grief. Rehome the babies now, to good homes, and work with your current dogs, in another two or three years, bring in one pup, probably a male, and you shouldn't be having these problems at all.

llombardo 05-15-2014 01:08 AM

All I get from the post is that they are playing and it's driving the OP nuts because they knock things down and are loud enough to wake others up. There are 3 young dogs in the house and I'm not sure how one expects them not to play. My dogs bite at each other's necks and are loud about it all day long. Your 2 yr old female wants to play and gets punished for it, I don't expect her to be happy about it. She sees the others playing and she is in a crate? When my dogs start getting out of hand I find having a water bottled near by and squirting them just once and saying no stops the behavior immediately. Some might not agree with the water bottle but it works and after a while they see the bottle and know they are getting to loud and rough and stop on their own. I have 6 dogs(4 of them under 2.5), all together, all the time, I know how it can get. I don't think the female has any behavior issues besides frustration that is caused by the OP's action or reactions. I can bet all destructive behavior would end if she was allowed to be a young dog and play and be a part of the pack.

my boy diesel 05-15-2014 01:12 AM

You have too many young dogs for your situation.
pretty much this

Athena'sMom 05-15-2014 07:44 AM

When my two young dogs play it sounds like a grizzly bear is on the loose! LOL! They are very vocal and grab each other by the neck in play NEVER aggressive. So is she being aggressive or playful?
Also try teaching the pups no play in the house. My dogs are aloud to play in the house but when I say "settle" they know to separate and plotz (down).
It sounds like they need a strong leader. They are a pack! Try NILIF (nothing in life is free) with all the dogs. Obedience train individually!!! They need to view you as the leader. I don't believe in Alpha role as you are a human not a dog but I take on a leadership role. I am the master and my dogs knows all good things come from me. Play with each dog individually. Train with play as they need to know hey if I listen my "leader" he/she will plays tug or ball or with flirt pole. whatever works for your dogs.
A leader is confident and a pack of dogs must have a strong leader.
Good luck with your pack!!

Liesje 05-15-2014 09:26 AM

Agree with llombardo, I didn't get any vibe that the 2yo bitch is being aggressive or dominant, just playing. I have a 2 yo pit bull bitch and an almost 7 month old GSD pup and they play like this ALL DAY LONG if I let them. It's constant wrestling, play-fighting, very noisy and they will crash into things but it's just play, completely mutual. It doesn't escalate. Yes it is loud and annoying so I have times/places where they are allowed to play like this.

I think the issue here is that you've got a lot of young dogs and they probably all need a lot of individual attention and exercise and if they don't get it, they will just want to play like this all the time. If you think it's too noisy or destructive then you need to create some boundaries, train them to be calm when separated, and make sure everyone is getting the physical and metal exercise they need.

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