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Patty1340 05-05-2014 09:37 PM

GSD rescue in Phx Az
Hello I have a very strong alpha male 10 month old male GSD. I have tried training- group and private. Not working. The trainer said he is going to take along time to get his behavior under control. I know the biggest problem is his alpha male- my son left for boot camp and he is a little wild because I can't control him. He is in his crate most of the time because I work and when he is outside he is very destructive. I am looking for a place that can take him and help him get under control. I know I can't do it. He bares his teeth at me and barks and runs with things in his mouth that he can't have- usually something he has dragged off the kitchen counter. I am tired and at a loss. I live in Mesa az. Any suggestions????? Thanks

Tratkins 05-05-2014 10:44 PM

Hi Patty! I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. While I haven't worked with any rescues, I can recommend an excellent behaviorist in the area if you are willing to go that route (behaviorists are much different than just a trainer). His name is Sam and his info can be found at Phoenix Dog Training | Scottsdale Dog Trainer / Gilbert Dog Behaviorist / Paradise Valley Dog School / Chandler Group Classes / Glendale Dog Obedience, Tempe Dog Questions, Ahwahtukee Dog Lessons, Cave Creek Dog Behavior, Surprise Dog Evaluation, Peo. We hired him for private puppy manners class and he was excellent and has worked with GSD's and aggressive dogs.

I believe there is a rescue in Flagstaff that you could probably find through a google search. I wish you the best!

kayek9 05-06-2014 01:13 PM

I know of an excellent trainer in Gilbert, AZ that I highly recommend. I can't say enough good things about this guy, he has a very unique approach to training and I have seen many dogs do a complete 360 under his care. He's not cheap (not sure what he charges for boarding/training) but he gets results, so in the long run, he may be cheaper then dealing with less knowledgeable so called "trainers" that take your money and can't perform. Here's his web site: TOP DOG Boarding & Training - Gilbert - Arizona - Welcome His name is Shawn, awesome guy!! Good luck, hope you can get your boy under control and keep him.

MickeyD 05-12-2014 04:02 PM

Dog trainer
I have worked with Tino at Quality K-9. Recommended by Southwest German Shepherd Rescue here in Phoenix:

Dog Obedience Training Phoenix - Dog Training Phoenix

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