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Del's Mom 05-03-2014 12:46 PM

Training adult GSD
I just adopted an older GSD. He is great on a leash, laid back and great with my other dog. BUT he doesn't know any commands. Any tips for training? I have trained 2 other GSDs but that was from a puppy. Thanks for any help!

misslesleedavis1 05-03-2014 01:08 PM

Dont think it would be much different, is he housetrained? I have tried to house train older dogs and its always harder to get the concept thru to them then it is a pup. The other commands I think would be pretty much like a puppy, we taught robin (foster dog) to sit by putting food in our hand right up to his nose and rocking our hand back so he sat and then immediately got the treat. Took him about a week to get it, lay down was done on the kitchen floor and we would sorta gently slide him back and say down. He got it! He wasnt a very smart guy lol but he was full of fun and he did want to learn! I cant even really type about him without crying.

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gsdsar 05-03-2014 01:12 PM

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Congrats on adopting!!! It is so rewarding!!!

First off, let him settle in a bit. Bond. Hang out, work on house rules. Figure out what drives him, food, toys,praise.

Then use that as a reward. Start small, just like with a puppy. Reward when he offers a behavior you like. If he comes over and sits in front of you, reward him, "say good sit!!!" Then build on that. Work on one or two things a day. Don't overwhelm. Stay positive. Make him want to please you!! Be a kind and fair leader.

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