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misslesleedavis1 04-30-2014 07:00 PM

Food aggression and my female.
Shigs came with food aggression she has been getting better over the course of roughly 2 years, but still does a the awkward pause when a dog comes near her food bowl ( before she would lunge and try to kill dexter, she was fed in her crate ). Today I gave shigs and tyson some scraps, I put a bowl down for tyson (who has some food issues himself) and a bowl down for shiggies and they proceeded to share tysons bigger bowl with no issues, zero problems..anyone have any insight as to why 2 seemingly food agro dogs will share a high valued treat oyt of the same bowl?
This is not leslee btw I high jacked her account to ask this.
Thanks in advance.

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SuperG 04-30-2014 08:51 PM

I'd suggest whatever approach you took to curb the FA in your dogs has come to fruition....perhaps as long as the "sheriff" is overseeing the two of them they know their place and the FA will not be tolerated by you. I also would be curious to see if they would act the same if you were not on the scene.

A dog's desire to eat is as primal an instinct as there could be....whatever is required in a dog's world to gain access to food will most likely be the path a dog will follow. If the dog's attempts and behavior hinders its access to food then modification of the dog's behavior must occur as a dog will simply not starve itself willingly. Perhaps, Shigs has come to the understanding that the quickest way to sate her appetite is to do what gets it to her stomach quickest....and that would be, heeding the rules set forth by you over a period of time and training. I am making the assumption that you took a position of authority when any of the dogs exhibited any FA.....if not...then I have no idea why they eat calmly together if no discipline was ever there in the first place.


misslesleedavis1 05-01-2014 08:17 AM

Maybe shiggs never really had a problem? Maybe the stress of street life messed with her and when she finally found solace and steady meals her issues went away. She is definitely the crusty cranky bitch of the house, quick to tear a strip off of any dog that steps out of line. Tyson on the other hand gets mildly agro when another dog comes near his bowl, he will snarl but never any lunging. I must have the most bizzare group of dogs. with 2 years of work we put into the shiggens its only gotten us to the point were she can eat outside a crate in the same room about 4 ft away from her dudes so it was insane to watch 2 very powerful sheps share a raw meat treat.

Maybe they are just that bonded? Or neither one of them wants to lose an eye lol

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