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kakarot 04-29-2014 11:09 AM

Two different personalities.
Sorry, this might be long..

I'm pretty sure I've established that I am the dominate when it comes to my 5 month old. When my boyfriend is at work and it's just my pup and me, he never gets into anything he isn't supposed to and if I catch him, a loud shh or a firm no makes him stop instantly. When I come home, no whining, no jumping, there's literally no bad behavior. If I'm sitting on the bed, pup never jumps on or even tries to get on, he's very obedient and when doing obedience training, he's a very good listener and can do everything I tell him. When he's out and I'm busy on the computer, he'll lie down next to me or under my desk and he'll have his favorite chew toy with him and go to town. He's literally the best pup.

When the boyfriend gets home..

Pup is jumping all over him.. trying to bite his pant legs, unties his shoes, boyfriend gets on the bed, pup jumps on the bed and tries to lie all over him (i don't allow him to be on the bed without inviting, but my boyfriend doesn't say anything unless i yell at him to tell him to tell the pup to get down), he gets very mouthy, when my boyfriend tries to command him to do something like.. sit, down, roll over, the pups skull turns thick and he doesn't listen until he's commanded like.. 4 times. When he's in the kennel and sees my boyfriend, he'll whine nonstop. When my boyfriend takes him out to potty, he has to come inside to tell ME to tell our pup to get back in the house because he just doesn't listen. I keep telling my boyfriend that he needs stop letting the pup get away with a bunch of crap, like I tell him to tell the dog OFF when he's on the bed instead of letting him do whatever he wants, be firm when telling him to come in, and then my boyfriend questions me like "why does he always listen to you and not me?"

I started the entire 'alpha male' deal the second I brought my puppy home. At the time, I wasn't working and my boyfriend was at work 9 hours of the day and didn't really get to have as much bonding as I did.. and he still continues to work 80% of the day. I was just wondering what my pup could be thinking when it comes to my boyfriend.. does my pup just see him as 'another litter mate' and only associates him as that? Is my boyfriend just a fun-time thing and whenever he's home, puppy gets to get away with being a butthole? What things can I get my boyfriend to do to let the pup know that he means business and he should be as obedient with him like he is with me? I keep trying to tell him to do this and that but he does these things and it doesn't seem to work. Maybe.. some puppy training with trainer..? What can my boyfriend do to start letting our 5 month know that he's the one that he needs to listen to, not just me?

SuperG 04-29-2014 11:23 AM

I guess it is somewhat true....teaching a human can certainly be more challenging than teaching a dog.

Your dog has the two of you sized up about perfectly it seems...they are pretty smart and observant.

I guess there should be no mystery as to why the dog does not heed your boyfriend's commands....the stage has been set already....he lets your pup do mostly whatever he wants to do. Of course, you can change this but obviously your boyfriend has to commit to the program as well.

I'd say your pup just has one personality....and part of it is...he's a good read on human characteristics.

I have a feeling you already know the answer to this situation since you have earned your pup's respect and position.


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