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sweetmalia 04-15-2014 01:04 AM

Is this normal GSD behavior for newly adopted 8yo female GSD?
This is my first time adopting a GSD, my previous dogs were A black lab/Husky mix, a pure breed Newfoundland and a Purebred Australian Shepherd. I recently adopted Mimi from a not so great animal shelter and she came to me pretty stressed out so I am very watchful of her to make sure I keep her stresses to a minimum in adjusting to her new home and routine.

I am curious about the general temperament of GSD. Mimi's temperament is different than any kind of temperament I have known in a dog. Mimi is friendly but a little skittish. She wants to be close to either my Husband and I at all times of the day but she is slow to respond to commands. She seems to respond better to my husbands stern voice then my "high" voice. She really livens up when I take her for walks, and really loves them. She sometimes seems indifferent to us when we call her, but warms up if she see's food. She still refuses to walk up stairs but is starting to walk down stairs. She doesn't seem to warm up to us the way I am used too seeing, with the wagging tail and energy of an Aussie or Lab. She will come and check on us once in a while, getting up from her spot, but interaction with her really seems to be on her terms and doesn't seem to be really important to her. Am I over stressing about it, knowing that she will have a marked adjustment period or is this type of aloofness and indifference common in GSD? I am just wondering if this could be due to age, temperament or past experiences?

Thanks in advance for your response!

JeanKBBMMMAAN 04-15-2014 07:28 AM

Take a look at that - you are total strangers to her.

Also, on the stairs, I can only see the avatar picture, and dogs age differently, but I might wonder if 8 is a low estimate of her age and if it's uncomfortable for her on the stairs?

sweetmalia 04-15-2014 12:19 PM

Thank you that paper is really helpful. I do think her age estimate might be on the low side. She has progressed with the stairs though and will walk down by herself now. Now with a little coaxing and helping she is walking upstairs. I will take into account the 2 weeks of adjustment. Everyday I see a little improvement which is heartening. My real concern is the stairs, knowing how GSD's are prone to hip problems but I will ask the vet about that.


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