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Katie91 04-14-2014 11:15 AM

Female GSD barks at roommate's dog(s)
Back in early Feb this year my boyfriend's friend with two (neutered) huskies moved in. We have a 1 year old female GSD named Kimber and my little small mixed breed of I don't know what whose name is Charlie. As soon as they moved in Kimber suddenly went into heat and so we kept her separated from the huskies but when our roommate would bring her dogs in to go to bed Kimber would bark at them when they got near Charlie. She's out of heat and can hang out in the back with them but still sometimes barks at one or both of them, and when they come inside to go to bed Kimber goes nuts and barks in their face. They're terrified of her now when they come to go to bed and this is the only form of aggression Kimber has ever displayed. She's never nipped though, just barks.

Any theories as to why she still behaves like this sometimes? She hasn't been fixed yet because I'm waiting for things to swell down so that it's a safe procedure.

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