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oxpaigeox 04-14-2014 10:16 AM

Increasingly anxious male
My husband and I have never dealt with an anxious dog before and wanted to see if anybody on here has some advice. Here's the low-down:

We have a 10.5 month old GSD with strong Czech bloodlines that we got at 7 weeks old. In the past few months he has been getting increasingly anxious and submissive. For example, my 2 year old female GSD went after his food bowl about a month ago and now he's scared to death when we start getting their dinner ready or if we say "are you hungry?" Whenever he has one of his "episodes" he tucks his tail and runs up to our bedroom, which he considers his safe place. He will also sometimes pee when he's having one of these episodes and his pupils will get very dilated.

He gets PLENTY of exercise (they get to go to the park or on a walk at least once a day for 30+ minutes, usually twice a day) and he gets plenty of attention. We've only ever used positive reinforcement for training and he's never been physically harmed.

We initially thought it could be separation anxiety but have since discarded that idea because he has these episodes when we've been home all day as well.

I appreciate any help/tips that this forum can offer. My husband and I have tried everything to no avail and ultimately, we just want our male to be as happy go lucky as our female.

tl/dr: 10.5 month old male GSD getting increasingly anxious. Need pointers.

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