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mbrison 04-08-2014 10:21 PM

scared and nervous
Hey guys,

I have a year and a half old gsd. He was doing pretty good with friends and family but these last few months, he's scared and nervous around people. If he sees someone or something new, he'll run - even the people he was ok with before.

Has anyone else have this problem?

What can I do to help him get over this?


scarfish 04-08-2014 10:38 PM

our Julie was too scared to walk past people when we first got her at 4 months. group obedience classes and constant socialization did the trick. we made a point to bring her around people everyday. a walk through a crowded park or a trip to petsmart everyday. it took time and consistency.

our new pup has the opposite problem. he lunges at every person he comes across 'cause he wants to play with everyone. people walking past must think he wants to attack them but he just wants lick everyone.

MaggieRoseLee 04-09-2014 02:02 PM

This is why continued socialization is so important for the lives of our dogs (and specially the first few years).

I agree with scarfish that the easiest way to do this is a great set of classes and working with the instructor BEFORE you show up so they are aware and can help.

Good luck!

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