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Chip18 03-25-2014 04:19 AM

Ok new for me??
I had a new experience tonight. OK to end the suspense... nothing happened!'s how nothing happened that was different.

Rock and I usually go for our walk around 10;00pm or later. We walk our neighbor and have been going down the same street for the last 7 years.

Late at night I usually let him walk off leash he leads and I follow. I let him choose the direction and he walks a couple of feet in front of me.

He chose to go to the right tonight so we head that way up to the street light about six houses down where the road curves.

So we head that way I'm following he's leading, we get to the curve and he stops cold!?? I look at him and I can see him peering into the darkness on full alert???

I just watch him, he looks left then right (I'm looking into the darkness and I can't see or hear anything unusual) then Rocky turns around and heads back home???

I wait a second thinking WTH just happened?? Never seen this before but I trust my dog so we head back home. Back at our house he pauses, then starts to go the other way, does the same thing again, stops listens and turns around and heads for the lawn (home)??

So he canceled our nightly walk! Maybe Coyotes? They are around but usually you can hear them howl and I only saw one in our neighbor once and it was years ago.

Anyway as I said "nothing happened" it's just the way nothing happened that was different.:confused:

Shade 03-25-2014 07:08 AM

Creepy, I would have trusted his instincts as well and just headed home.

pyratemom 03-25-2014 09:02 AM

I always trust my dog's instincts before mine. She has a greater sense of smell and can see better in the dark. I wonder what Rock was smelling?

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