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A girl and her dog 03-20-2014 05:16 PM

Potty training/outside advice, please
I've got Nonny pretty well trained to use it outside. Except for pooping. I have a bell on the door and taught him to use it when he needs to go out. He caught on and things were going well. Until....

Now he wants to go out every five minutes. I'm so frustrated! We're still working on potty training - even though he's pretty much got it down - so I don't know if it's okay to ignore his pleas to go out or not. I did start to ignore him last week with this and he ended up going back to using it in the house. I only ignored him if he had JUST gone out 5-30 minutes ago. Now he's back on track, but is begging to go out every 5 friggin minutes. In an effort to avoid un-training him again, I kept up taking him out every time he asked. Now we go out and he sniffs the friggin air and stands there. So I bring him back in. I'm really getting fed up with this!

I want him to learn to hold it indoors for more than five minutes! He holds it all night in the kennel, so I know this isn't b/c he can't hold it. He's extremely sensitive, so I don't want to get too frustrated with him b/c that'll create a new set of problems.

What can I do to deter his hanging out at the door constantly and begging to go out, without undoing his potty training?

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