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Tamaera 03-05-2014 04:46 PM

How do I choose a new pup that will get along with my GSD?
Hi all, Long time lurker on this board but first time poster :)

We have a 18 month old GSD from vom hausreid, salem Or - very much German working lines (mom was brought over from germany while pregnant). We don't work our dog but we do live on a farm and he gets a ton of work running around and making sure he's managed to scare off the deer and other wildlife on the farm or if he does manage to find the deer pee etc his favorite past time is to roll in it for some weird reason shrug lol.

Anyway-- as much as him and i spend together (24/7), go for our walks, etc. I have come to the conclusion that he would love to have a 4 legged companion as well. We have an older doxie that he wants to play with so bad, but of course is way to rough with him and just rolls him (literally lol). We also have two Savannah cats that he LOVES to chase around the house - in other words they are not now nor ever will be bff's lol. They beat the crap out of the poor dog :( If he does catch them or they just lay on the chair - he pushes them with his nose and tried to get them to run just so he can chase them. Thank goodness he doesn't want to hurt them (at least not yet but thats what we're trying to help prevent) - he's in it for the chase. They have literally beat the crap out of this dog, his face bleeding in several places and thankfully the most he's done is slobber on them.

Recently we tried adopting a Samoyed dog that desperately needed a new home - she's literally about 30 lbs overweight, neglected and about 6-8 years old. We had her here at our house a few days and while they got along fantastic while he was laying down by her, or when we were there next to them- the minute he tried playing rough with her she would scream like he was killing her and try to hide behind our legs etc.. When she would scream that in turn would work him up even more and it just went on and on.

Strangely enough he was (what we consider) extremely gentle with her - he would bring her one of his favorite toys and drop it by her, or lay next to her and give her kisses, or put his paw on her. Made me very sad that she was just too old, overweight and scared of his pushy, dominant behaviour for us to keep her and give her a new home.

Soo - to try and shorten this story up we have decided that we definitely would love to get another dog in our home that can play with Indy and be a 4 legged companion for him when human just won't cut it. My son (22 years old- lives and works on the farm) and a hunter himself would like us to get a golden retriever. My question is -- when a pup is fairly young of any breed - is there a way to see if it would be a good match for my GSD as they grow up? Is there something specific that I should look for? I have thought about seeing if a breeder would allow me to bring my rambunctious GSD with to look at puppies but not sure how receptive they will be to having a 100lb (what most ppl call mean looking dog lol) with us.

Any suggestions for those that have brought a new pup home to their high energy GSD's? Even though he was super gentle with this samoyed he did do some neck biting/ holding, body slams into the tv stand etc and I don't want him to hurt and scare a young pup. Also would it be better to bring a young pup into our home with this high energy of a dog ( ie 8 - 12 weeks) or should we try to find an older pup? 9 - 12 month range? etc? I am having a hard time finding older golden pups but 8 - 12 week olds seem to be plenty here in Oregon.

Thank you,
Tammy & Indy

gsdsar 03-05-2014 05:36 PM

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Couple of things.

I would look for an older pup. Your dog sounds too rambunctious for a baby

Look into a rescue group. A Labrador or Golden would be a nice match.

Next. Don't let your dog bully another dog. Just because he wants to neck grab and body slam a dog into a TV stand, does not mean you have to let him. It's up to you to protect whatever new dog you bring into the family and not let them be terrorized by the current resident. It's very unfair to the new and probably already scared dog. Same goes for the cats. Your dog is getting bloodied from their attempts to fend him off. He needs to learn some manners. That's your job. Not the cats or other dogs.

If he is being overwhelming, put him in a time out. Take him away from the situation, do obedience commands with him. Make him behave. Don't just expect another animal to put up with him or enjoy everything he throws out. Each animal is different. We have to respect that about each if them if we want them to live harmoniously.

Good luck with your search!!!

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Tamaera 03-05-2014 08:43 PM

Ty -

glowingtoadfly 03-05-2014 08:56 PM

I think getting another high energy dog will help too, so they can play.

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