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shilorio 03-04-2014 11:55 AM

Scared and aggression from past?
So do you guys think Elios is anxious and uncomfortable/ untrusting in people because he was a stray and then abused?
Or is it just how he is?
I'm just trying everything to understand him
I wish you guys could see how he acts to tell me wha you all think!

Cassidy's Mom 03-04-2014 01:43 PM

Do you know that he was abused or are you just guessing that he might have been? There are other reasons why he could be anxious around people so I wouldn't jump to that conclusion unless you actually have evidence of prior abuse.

martemchik 03-04-2014 01:48 PM

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Most times when dogs have been abused you'll see them freak out at certain motions rather than just people. So...say a dog has always been hit with a might notice him lower his ears or get freaked out if you pick up a newspaper. If you don't do the action that the dog has learned usually causes it pain, the dog might be just fine. Or if yelling preceded something, you'll get a reaction when you raise your voice.

Dogs that are skittish around people in general...tends to be an early socialization issue or a genetic issue.

Packen 03-04-2014 01:49 PM

Typically a dog is what he is. The abuse from past is a card used too often but is not the case.

my boy diesel 03-04-2014 01:54 PM

i agree with packen
it doesnt really matter what happened, or didnt happen in the past
what matters is what is happening now

shilorio 03-04-2014 06:19 PM

Ahh okay.
Yeah I know for a fact he was abused, the roommate told me everything.
It was a Man that hit him and kicked him. (He use to submissive pee when idcome near him)
Yes he is what he is, my boy that I love with all my soul, I wouldn't change him for anything.
But I was just curious.

shilorio 03-04-2014 06:28 PM

He trusts me now, but I was just wondering if that affects them with strangers or not.

Chip18 03-04-2014 07:01 PM

Pm sent

David Taggart 03-04-2014 07:28 PM

Abused dogs show pretty sharp reactions because they have adrenaline rush every time. Then, they don't react on every man or woman, but when they see a stranger who reminds them their abuser by looks or smells. Besides genetic predisposition, there are many factors may play a role. He could be too slim, and the fact that he's underweight can cause shyness subcosciously, if you don't walk him to busy areas too often and the absence of daily experience could be the reason, or your friends are not that often visit you at home, or, you are a shy person and your dog copies you, but if you are too bossy, it could be a reason as well, as your naturally high pitched voice, if you have such, dogs hate high voice, it makes them uncomfortable.

shilorio 03-05-2014 12:01 AM

Oh okay, I jus over anylize everything and think of every possibility it could be. Thanks for the answers guys (:
He is a really good dog, in do agree with the early socilisaztion because I highly doubt he had any Of that. He doesn't like strangers.. He likes his "pack" (my fam) but even with them he is full fledge tail wags or anything. Maybe he's cautious, he was pulled originally from a shelter in Cali who said he was a stray. And so on and so forth.
I didn't get a pm chip , maybe it didn't go through?

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